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Bourne & Hollingsworth

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Carom Review

Pan-Indian restaurant Carom has recently undergone a refurbishment taking it out of the traditional Indian style décor, so commonly adopted by Indian restaurants, and bringing it bang into the 21st century. The large open plan venue now boasts the look of a trendy lounge and bar where guests can enjoy the extensive bar menu including the amazing Lychee and Hibiscus cocktail with vodka, hibiscus and peach liquer, lychee puree and soda water, before headi... {read more}

Le Brunch with Le Bun

Brunch, once simply the lazy weekender’s answer to waking up in that awkward interim period between breakfast and lunch, has seen a reinvention as the weekend social activity. And it’s just got even cooler thanks to luxury French-American street food duo Le Bun and their all-day brunch experience at the Old Bengal Warehouse.  ... {read more}