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June 28, 2010

Following a former incarnation as a tequila shooting PR executive with an enviable roster of drinks industry clients from Cazadores to Ketel One, flame haired firecracker, Ali Gunning realised that the human spirit lay deeper than the worm at the bottom of the bottle.

Having practised yoga as a hobby for some time, she decided to take the plunge in earnest and travelled to India where she has spent months honing her art with leading gurus at the sub-continent's top ashrams.

Now back in the smoke, she's determined to spread the love and share her new-found zest for life with brand new venture, Boardroom Yoga.

Better placed to understand our work-based trials and tribulations than the majority of hippy chicks on the circuit (been there, done that ...), Ali is taking her skills to a boardroom - or office - near you. All she needs is a decent-sized space - roof terrace would be nice - and some willing participants and she'll do the rest - providing mats and expert tuition.

Let's face it, many of us remain desk-bound for eight hours a day and back aches, stiffness & poor circulation are commonplace. Yoga not only alleviates these physical symptoms, strengthening the whole cell structure of the body but also generates much needed headspace, combating stress and increasing concentration and productivity along the way.

From 'wake-up' classes before you start your day to lunchtime and post work sessions, Boardroom Yoga can provide the whole gamut including structured six-week beginners' courses and ad-hoc sessions for corporate events and training days.

Cool yoof marketing agency, Livity, is already signed up so we suggest you get out of the doldrums and into downward dog.

Check out the website for details

Posted by Stephanie Hirschmiller at 10:00 am
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