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Coxon for Cordings

February 15, 2009

Cordings, haunt of the quintessential English gent, appears to be grabbing the attentions of a rather more rock and roll audience these days.  Four years ago, English music legend Eric Clapton snatched up a mighty fifty percent stake in the business, and it has now been noted that Blur guitarist Graham Coxon is the star of the latest advertisements.

"We just asked Graham one day if we could take a couple of photos and he said he'd be very happy to do it", said Cordings MD Noll Uloth. Indeed it was not a typically staged and carefully polished shoot - Uloth reported that the clothes Coxon wears in the ads are those which he had bought himself from the store.

Founded in 1839 by Mr John Charles Cording on the Strand, Cordings has made a name for itself as the ultimate outfitter for outdoor pursuits - its website lists quotes from noteworthy names and figures across the centuries, from the Duke of Wellington to Damien Hirst. Coxon's interest reflects a recent trend amongst a younger crowd to don the clothing of a more traditional, moneyed audience - check out Barbour's latest fashionable collaboration with Tokihito  Toshida below.

Posted by Kimberley Lovell at 18:46 pm
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