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Think of the most exciting cities in the world. Imagine you're there. What do you want to do? Go to the best places and be where all the fun happens? Not sure how to do it without breaking the bank? If you answered yes to the above stay with me, this one's for you.

By paying £245 a year and joining the recently launched private members' club, 'Total Access', you get a 24-hour concierge service and access to a VIP lifestyle with presence in the world's most glamorous cities. These include London, LA, Miami, Marbella, New York, Paris, Rome, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, St Tropez, Dubai, Cannes, Dublin, Barcelona, Ibiza and Sydney.

You'll benefit from exclusive services including flight, hotel and dinner reservations, VIP table bookings, theatre bookings and access to the world's most glamorous events from London Fashion Week to Oscar's week in LA plus invitations to elite sporting events and film premieres. Member events so far have included partying with P Diddy on his yacht at the Cannes Film Festival and Lady Gaga in St Tropez. Not bad eh? You'll have someone to guide you to all the glamour 24/7 so all that's left for you to do is to enjoy the good life!




Posted by Poppy Cross at 10:00 am
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