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Playboy Club London

Playboy Club London

The Bunny Ears return Priscilla Pollara Thursday, May 12, 2011

In its heyday, it was the setting for some of the capital's most outrageously decadent parties.

But after an absence of nearly three decades, and in what will undoubtedly spark a frenzied dusting down of floor-length velvet gowns and silk pink bunny ears, this summer, the Playboy Club makes its return to London.

Situated just a few thousand metres from its first home, the 7000 sq ft Old Park Lane venue will pay great homage to its infamous former guise. Housing a lounge, a restaurant and a member's club area, it will also have its own 'salle privee' casino, in a nod to the original one whose widespread notoriety went on to attract the likes of Michael Caine, Joan Collins and Jack Nicholson as its regulars.

Salvatore 'Maestro' Calabrese will be at the helm of Salvatore's, a cocktail bar in which the bespectacled feisty Italian will be boasting some of his celebrated alcoholic alchemy. Former Fat Duck chef Judy Joo takes charge of the kitchens behind The Dining Room, promising to help make the restaurant the ultimate destination in the capital.

Award-winning interior designers Jestico and Whiles have ensured the Club is as captivating in appearance as it is in heritage. Split over two levels, Playboy's ground floor will be lowly-lit and 'mysterious', while its upstairs will take on a brighter look, but will all the while be shielded from the public's prying eyes by sets of diaphanous curtains.

There are new, modern touches, too. Exclusive Playboy merchandise, including cuff links and cigar cases, made from precious stones, white gold, and silver, have been exclusively produced by American model-turned-designer Noelle Reno, and are only available within the Club.

Along the stair-walls, a row of lenticular portraits will be winking and smiling at guests as they walk by.

''With Playboy now more popular than ever," says the libidinous ocotgenarian founder of Playboy, Hugh Hefner. "I look forward to our return to London and again sharing the notions that are celebrated in the magazine, the concept of good food and drink, pretty girls, and exciting entertainment.''

And he most certainly means it. Rigorous rounds of nationwide casting have been conducted in order to find the Club's most perfect set of 'Bunnies'. Among many of the requirements, the stiletto-clad and tail-wearing girls - who will go on to be the venue's hostesses, dealers and waitresses - have been selected for their 'sparkling personality', 'class', 'beauty' and 'natural intelligence'.

The Playboy Club London opens Saturday, 4th June.

14 Old Park Lane, Mayfair, London, W1K 1ND

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