Itching to know what’s coming out on the telly this year? Us too, which is why we’ve searched the streaming platforms to find out what major TV releases we’re in store for this 2021.

From the BBC adaptation of Adam Kay’s This Is Going To Hurt to Disney+’s bumper Marvel release package, here’s what to look out for this year.



Wandsvision follows superheroes Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) as they settle into an idealistic suburban lifestyle. Although as with every household, there are secrets and uncertainties hidden within, and they soon realise their life isn’t quite the stereotype after all. 

Perhaps one of Disney+’s most anticipated releases yet, Wandavision will be making a beeline for the new streaming platform on Friday, 15th January. The release will begin with a bumper double episode and will then continue to be released on a weekly basis, which is ultimately all the more exciting. 

It’s one the first releases from Disney+’s bumper Marvel comic releases too, so be sure to keep an eye out for the other Marvel series releases this 2021.

Release Date: Friday, 15th January
Available on: Disney+

BBC Studios©

The Pursuit Of Love

Based on the novel of the same name by Nancy Mitford, The Pursuit of Love is a story of, well, love and friendship. Starring Lily James (Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, Rebecca) as Linda Radlett and her close friend and cousin Fanny Logan (Emily Beecham), the three-part narrative follows them on their journey of discovery, through love, marriage and the mystery of it all.

Expect mishaps, adventure, laughter and lust all to prevail throughout the three-hour long series. 

Although the release date is yet to be announced, The Pursuit of Love will be available to catch on BBC One. 

Release Date: TBC
Available On: BBC One

Channel 4©

It’s A Sin

The AIDS epidemic is a topic that still to this today holds much stigma. Set during the early 1980s, Russell T Davies’ new Channel 4 series, It’s A Sin follows a group of gay teenagers who move to London in search of their belonging and instead have to come to terms with the pressures, stigma and panic surrounding the spread of the AIDS virus. 

Known for reviving the Doctor Who Franchise, Davies’ body of work also explores what it means to be gay in the UK, and this new series is also said to be loosely based on his own experiences growing up in the 80s. It’s A Sin stars Years and Years singer Olly Alexander as the main protagonist, alongside Omari Douglas and Callum Scott Howells. Stephen Fry also makes a killer appearance too.

Release Date: Friday, 22nd January
Available On: Channel 4

Finding Alice

You can smell an ITV drama a mile off and Finding Alice ticks all of the genre conventions you’d expect. 

Having recently moved into their dream ‘smart house’, the series follows Alice (Keeley Hawes of Bodyguard) as she deals with the sudden death of her husband Harry, who dies following a fall down the stairs. Of course it’s soon found that Harry didn’t simply lose his balance as first thought and a coroner’s report needs to be carried out.

Release Date: Saturday, 17th January
Available On: ITV

Behind Her Eyes

Another psychological thriller courtesy of Netflix, Behind Her Eyes is an adaptation of the 2017 novel by Sarah Pinborough, and follows a single mother who “becomes entangled in a twisted mind game when she begins an affair with her psychiatrist boss while bonding with his mysterious wife.” 

As with all of Netflix’s series, you can expect to be totally engrossed within minutes of putting this one. Release date yet to be announced.

Release Date: TBC
Available On: Netflix

The Serpent

Lovers of true crime and drama don’t have to wait around to watch this one because The Serpent is already available to stream already. 

Released earlier this month, BBC’s The Serpent is a crime drama miniseries following the murders conducted by serial killer Charles Sobhraj. Set during the mid 1970s, it documents the unanswered murders of twelve Western backpackers across Thailand and Nepal.

Release Date: Available now on BBC iPlayer
Available On: BBC 

The Great

If you’re looking for a far more raunchy, absurd and rude version of the already scandalous Bridgerton, HULU’s The Great is for you. 

Directed by Matt Shakman, The Great follows Russia’s longest reigning female monarch, Catherine the Great and how she rose to power. Which if you didn’t know, was rather scandalous in itself, not to mention the fact that she overthrew her husband, Emperor Peter III.

Starring Elle Fanning as Catherine and Nicholas Hoult as Emperor Peter, the narrative begins by documenting her journey into the monarchy, from her arranged marriage to the various roles she took on to become the ruler. 

Noting similar crude traits from Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Favourite, this new show is full of sex, violence and wit, just as you’d expect.

Release Date: Available now on 4oD
Available On: Channel 4

This Is Going To Hurt

Following the award-winning success of Adam Kay’s memoir, This Is Going To Hurt, BBC announced last year that they would be making it into a TV series. 

For those who don’t know, Kay’s memoir is based on his experiences as a former junior doctor, telling all about the real-life experiences of what it’s like to be working on the frontline. In a time where the NHS is currently overrun, overworked and at crisis due to the current pandemic, the TV series adaptation couldn’t come at a more poignant time. 

Starring as Kay will be Ben Whishaw (James Bond, Paddington), the narrative will be set on a labour ward and will document just how tirelessly junior doctors are expected to work, working up to 100 hour weeks.

Release Date: TBC
Available On: BBB Two

The Nevers

Hoping to be the next Game of Thrones is HBO’s upcoming series created by Joss Whedon, The Nevers. Hoping to premier this summer, the science fiction drama series follows a group of Victorian women who discover they have special abilities, and thus must embark on a mission that could change the world as they know it entirely. 

Of course it’s hugely exciting that Joss Whedon will be heading this one, what with his supernatural reputation thanks to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and The Avengers.

Release Date: TBC
Available On: HBO in the US, UK yet to be announced

Ginny & Georgia

Already dubbed the new Gilmore Girls, Netflix’s new series Ginny & Georgia follows a mother and daughter who move to a new town to start their own new adventure, but the secrets keep on crawling back. 

The ten-part series stars Brianna Howey as the mother, Georgia, and Antonia Gentry as the daughter, Ginny, and sees Georgia do everything in her power to not let her past come and catch her out.

Release Date: TBC
Available On: Netflix

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