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The Handbook

Camping was never going to be glamorous, but these 12 simple tips and tricks will help you elevate your camping game from your last muddy trip to Glastonbury to a glamping goddess, equipped with bunting and all.

From upgrading your mud-splattered festival tent to investing in a portable toasting grill, here’s everything you need (or don’t need) for your next camping trip.

Bell Tent

This one is a given but you can’t go camping without a trusty tent. Upgrade your old muddy festival kit for an upmarket glamping-style bell tent. 

We’re not saying you have to go full out with a real size bed and household ‘essentials’ inside, but bell tents make use of the optimum space provided and won’t make you feel like you’re stuck inside a bit of cloth in the pouring British raining (albeit if that is actually the reality).

Boutique Camping has a huge range of luxury bell tents, starting from £319.00. This luna bell tent helps to maximise as much space as possible through its open plan, yurt design, and sleeps up to four people. 

Or for a festival style affair, try out their luna weekender polyester bell tent, part of their L.O.M collaboration.

Double Height Blow Up Mattress

Wave goodbye to the aches and pains usually presented when camping on a rocky, hard floor for seven nights straight and say hello to the double height blow up mattress. We’re not talking about the flimsy blow up mattresses you’d usually associate with deflating and punctures. Times have changed since then and we’re so glad we’ve found this new sturdy inflatable mattress from Sable. 

The mattress has been designed with your needs in mind, with redesigned internal structure helping to support your back and spine for a restful night’s sleep. Also, the in-built electric pump means you won’t have to worry about pumping it up or, worse still, blowing it up by hand. Invest in one of these and you’ll be sleeping peacefully and in style on your next camping trip.

Double Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags are never particularly pretty but they are essential for a good, or at least, adequate night’s sleep when camping. One of the most revolutionary things I did when I last camped outside was invest in a double sleeping bag. Even if you aren’t sharing the sleeping bag with your partner, these are an absolute must for keeping you cosy during the cooler summer nights. 

We love this one by Hi-Gear thanks to its super thick layered fill, making it perfect for the chillier camping nights. Also the gingham check makes it a whole lot cuter than the usual block colours associated with sleeping bags.

We love this one by Hi-Gear thanks to its super thick layered fill, making it perfect for the chillier camping nights.

Portable Solar Lights

When you’re used to street lamps and city lights twinkling all night long, it’s easy to forget how dark it gets when you’re out in the countryside with no light but the stars. Change up your camping looking with some portable solar lights, not only will this set from Iamfy look adorable come nightfall but they’ll light up your camping area so you can play card games (or spook one another with ghost stories) late into the night.

Camping Pillows

We’ve all been there. After a tiresome journey to the wilderness, pitching up the tent, setting out the makeshift bed and then bam. You realise you’ve forgotten the pillows. Maybe one of the easiest things to forget but oh my, what a difference it makes if you do. No matter how hard you try to make a makeshift one out of your rolled up hoodies or beach towel, nothing can quite compare to the luxury of having a pillow while camping. This compressible one from Amazon is perfect for any hiking, camping or long journeys and folds down too.

Fire Pit

A little fire or BBQ when you’re out camping is a given so investing in a trusty fire pit is the perfect option. Opt for one that’s both portable and easy to assemble for your own convenience, like this one from The Forest & Co. They’re the perfect set up for keeping you cosy while you’re outside camping. 

Of course check with your campsite manager prior if you’re allowed to bring your own fire pit. Some camps even have their own facilities on site. 

Folding Chairs

Instead of spending the whole time sitting on the floor invest in some staple fold up chairs or even a vintage style bench.

We absolutely adore these ones from Anthropologie thanks to their comfy cotton upholstery and charming designs. They’d also go beautifully against the luna weekender polyester bell tent from Boutique Camping.

They fold up perfectly which is great for when you’re cramming all your camping equipment into your car. 

We absolutely adore these ones from Anthropologie thanks to their comfy cotton upholstery and charming designs.

Portable Pizza Oven

On the rather more luxe side but feast in style when you head on your next camping trip with one of Gozney’s roccbox, aka their portable pizza oven.

Built using the same design and engineering as Gozney’s leading professional oven range, this handy portable oven will see you on your way to creating exceptional fluffy ovenbaked pizzas every time.

Enjoy restaurant worthy pizza while you’re camping.

Camping Stove and Grill

Upgrade your tired old one gas burner hob and opt for Campingaz’s elite camping chef double burner and grill. No longer will you have to forsake your beloved morning toast because this handy camping gadget comes equipped with its own grill. The stove not only has its own grill but also two hobs, and for anyone who has only ever had the flimsy one stove gas hobs, this is the ultimate upgrade. Think about all of the pasta dishes you can cook up or live out your Supernoodle dreams by having two hobs going with different flavours. 

Elevate your breakfast game and whip up the best camping cooked breakfast on the whole campsite.


It’s no secret that by the time nightfall rolls around it can get incredibly dark when you’re camping. Tackle this problem with a few draping fairy lights or lanterns and you’ll have yourself an idyllic camp setting. 

There are tonnes of beautiful designs out there but if you’re looking to add a little touch of feminine to your camping set up, this golden number from John Lewis will help you on your way.

Mix and match with different textures, colours and patterns for a real festival-camping vibe.

Bamboo Plates

You’re going to want to leave your porcelain plates and silverware at home. Camping is all about reconnecting with nature, leaving your luxury items at home and indulging in the simpler items, and this goes for your tableware set up too. Opt for some rustic bamboo plates or go all out and retro with the traditional enamel-metal rimmed sets. 

We love this selection from Etsy that are handmade and entirely chemical free from Northern Thailand. Incredibly lightweight and easy to clean after use too, perfect.


This one is totally not an essential but if you’re looking to vamp up your camping setup, bunting will help you add a splash of bohemian chic to your tent interiors and exteriors. 

From felt ball garlands to flowery flag bunting, mix and match to create the perfect festival-style haven.

Don't forget you can layer up your garland and bunting for an added boho touch.

A few extra bits we love…

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