The Handbook
The Handbook

Snow’s the great leveller. Whether you’re 80 or a High Court judge (a lot of Venn in that one) I defy you not to rush to the window like a primary school child the moment someone shouts ‘it’s snowing’! There’s just something magical about white powder that rains from the sky, rendering even the ugliest industrialscape a temporary Narnia.

So in the name of lazy journalism here are some of our favourite social posts of this weekend’s snow. The only problem is that we can’t phone into work claiming to be snowed in…


In an effort to at least give the impression this is a somehow curated list, let’s divvy things up a little. Here are some familiar landmarks, but spot the difference! (clue: it’s that they’re covered in snow)…


Of course what’s most important when it snows is to check out what the famouses are ‘Gramming. Turns out it’s the snow. Like the rest of us.

The River

The last time the Thames froze over was 1963, and before that it was 1814, so needless to say the great divider of our city kept flowing while we all Instagrammed it…

London Parks

London prides itself on being one of the greenest cities on the planet thanks to its expansive parks. But this weekend the crown was taken away because all the green space turned into white space!

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