10 Travel Photographers To Follow On Instagram That’ll Give You Serious Travel Envy

Travel photography is one of the most powerful forms of storytelling. It’s a documentation of a certain landscape, culture or history, and transposing the message with justice and affection is often near impossible. And, yet budding photographers embark on this journey, to not only tell their stories but the stories of others too.

It’s an incredibly hard craft to crack but once you’re able to, the result is breathtaking. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite travel photographers who have perfected this craft and will fill your Instagram feeds with inspiration for your next adventure.


A feed that mixes breathtaking landscapes with the occasional fashion focused photograph, Jared Chambers’ images are raw and full of biting emotion. The Los-Angeles based photographer opts for a minimalist approach, often focusing the eye on one mountain top, building or subject to really drive the emotion and sentiment of each photograph home. Scroll through and fall in love with this carefully curated and captivating photography feed.


It’s so easy to see why Seattle-based photographer, Cory Staudacher, has encapsulated over 580,000 followers on Instagram purely down to the cutting emotion and muted tones shown in every Instagram upload.

Every image adopts a role of storytelling from how the mountain peaks look as though they’re looking over the rest of the world to the action focused images capturing the innocence of nature and human beauty in one. We certainly wish we could be a fly on the wall in some of these photographs and to live in the captured moments.


I’m always a big fan of curated Instagram accounts but @hellopoe may be a new favourite. The account is home to London-based travel photographer, Adrienne Pitts and explores the best of travel through taking the simplest of subjects and transposing their worth onto the screen. If you love how Pitts captures the world through her lens, you can shop some of her prints on her website. 


If there really is such thing as #familygoals then The Bucket List Family certainly fall under this category. Five years ago, Garrett and Jess Gee decided to sell everything and took a leap of faith, with one simple mission in mind: to travel the world together. Five years later and three adorable children now in tow, the Gee family have turned travelling on its head, proving that backpacking around the world isn’t just for ‘gap year’ students and that you can educate children through travel. Their Insta feed is curated with a wholesome family image at the centre and it’s always fun to see where they’ll be visiting next.


Hawaii-based influencer, Chelsea Y’s story comes to life vividly through her beautiful Insta grid. From yoga focused shots to underwater diving, mountain climbing to canoeing, she’s quite literally living out every girl’s dream in Hawaii. Follow her and you’ll soon fall in love with her storytelling and crafted images.


Fall in love with the ocean beds of Hawaii and the SeaThroughSea story as you explore co-founder Jim Ward’s Instagram feed dedicated to underwater storytelling. Experience the ocean in a whole new light as you uncover close-up sea creatures, coral reefs and the beauty that this little island beholds.


National Geographic regular and Emmy nominated director, Keith Ladzinski captures the world through his camera beautifully, focusing on climate change, natural history and extreme sports. Fall in love with Mother Nature as you become engulfed by Ladzinski’s powerful storytelling techniques and close-up deep focus shots.


Ever Changing Horizon, aka Quin Schrock, uses his exceptional photography skills to capture the human spirit through engaging with some of the world’s most untouched natural areas. Specialising in deep focus shots, every image tells a story and shows off nature in all of its glory. You could quite easily spend hours just scrolling through his feed, falling more and more in love with his storytelling process and eye for imagination.


Nolan Omura is a water-based photographer and videographer based in Hawaii, who learnt his craft by exploring the world beneath its surface. Every detail of an ocean wave, its ripples and and crystal clear beauty is brought to life through his photography.


With a love of photography and travelling in tow, Italian-born Andrea Frazzetta has made it his mission to bring to life ‘the other’ to centre focus through his work, as he explores other countries, places, cultures and their human experiences.

Now a regular contributor to The New York Times and National Geographic Travel, Frazzetta’s work is breathtaking and is photographic storytelling in a nutshell, bringing to focus subjects otherwise not explored in mainstream media. Also, his recent coronavirus photographic project, in loving memory of his mother who lost the battle, is beautiful and tells the virus story through the eyes of his own.

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