From the classic boiled egg and soldiers to quick omelettes and poachies topped on avo toast, few ingredients span mealtimes and dishes quite like the egg.

If you can’t get enough of your oeufs during lockdown you need to check out these 11 kitchen gadgets that are going to take your egg skills from amateur to cracking in no time. From the fish that will separate your yolks from your whites to make the perfect soft peaks to gadgets that make eggaemplary poached eggs every time, here are the egg gadgets we can’t get enough of.

1-Piece Yolkfish Egg Separator

by Peleg


Need to bash out some meringues or have a hankering for hollandaise? This little guy will make separating the whites from the yolks simple and fun. Simply crack an egg, squeeze him gently over the yolk, release and he’ll suck up the yolk perfectly intact.

Penguin-Shaped Boiled Egg Cooker

by Guoxiaolia


These little penguins keep your eggs stored neatly and will be a welcomed addition at the weekend breakfast table. The holder also has a handle so you can put the eggs  directly into boiling water to cook them with ease. We’re not sure how we feel about dipping six little penguins into boiling water, mind.

Stainless Steel Egg Opener Gadget 

by Olyee


If you hate touching the snotty bit of a raw egg when you crack it you need to get yourself one of these. Slightly over-egging it in the kitchen gadgets department, it’s definitely not a necessity but a welcomed addition if you’ve got plenty of cupboard space and can’t get enough of baking.

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