We could all do with a laugh under the current circumstances, so fill those little squares with some light humour thanks to these hilarious Instagram accounts.

From comedians whose Stories will have you in stitches to the best Tiger King memes and Corona puns you can find on the Internet, here are the pages worth following if you’re in need of a good LOL.


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A post shared by Texts From Your Existentialist (@textsfromyourexistentialist) on


“When art meets texts from your existential dread” is the USP of this insta account. Expect Egon Schiele paintings paired with the words “I can’t wait to be extinct” or Picasso next to “the human condition is annoying AF.”

Brilliant, darkly witty and the perfect example of bringing highbrow haughtiness down a peg or two.


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A post shared by BSc in Banternomics 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 (@barrysbanterbus) on


All aboard Barry’s Banter Bus for absolute LOLs on the reg. This guy has a BDc in Banternomics and delights his 1.3million followers with some of the funniest memes around.

Hot topics right now are Corona, Tiger King and Boris, naturally.


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Kanye getting contacts

A post shared by Kanye Doing Things (@kanyedoingthings) on


Whoever’s behind this account hasn’t posted in a while, but we’re hoping they return out of self-isolation boredom as there is nothing funnier than Kanye doing mundane stuff.

From taking a nap to waiting for his luggage, we’re not sure why this account is so funny (maybe because he takes himself SO seriously), but it is.


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A post shared by thefatjewish (@thefatjewish) on


The Fat Jewish, AKA Joshua Ostrovsky, has become an unlikely icon of millenial times thanks to his Instagram feed that takes you on a rollercoaster ride of funny memes, celebrity rinsings and just-on-the-right-side-of-obscenely-offensive humour.

In fact, a heavy dose of the memes you see go viral are down to him, whether he created them or reposted them on his feed. Expect cameos from superstars such as Emily Ratajkowski and Madonna too.


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A post shared by Claudia Oshry (@girlwithnojob) on


We love Girl With No Job’s Alexander Petrovsky reference (if you know, you know) in her bio if nothing else but the feeds pretty good too.

Expect a cornucopia of memes just waiting to be screenshotted and sent to the group chat, from Friends themes to quarantine LOLs.


Comedian Heather McMahan might just be the funniest woman on the planet and even though her upcoming tour has been cancelled due to Corona, she’s still making us laugh on her Stories.

Expect tales of quarantining with her mum and fiancé (also hilarious), her French bulldog who has a serious teddy bear humping problem and characters such as Michelle Miller who owns a flip flop for hamsters business and treats us to daily updates on Coronavirus conspiracy theories.

Sounds mad, but trust us, this woman needs her own TV show.


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A post shared by Larry David (@curbyourlarrydavid) on


If you’re a fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm, this feed is going to be pure magic. It offers up a daily dose of Larry David goodness with iconic scenes from the cult sitcom.

Trust us, it’s pretty, pretty, pretty good.


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A post shared by jilly hendrix (@jillyhendrix) on


Self-describing as a “big fan of the Internet,” Jilly Hendrix (we’re pretty sure that’s not her real name) posts about what’s trending online and IRL, so expect a lot of Carole Baskin jokes, quarantine memes and other musings on the current state of pop culture.


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Conservative PR touching base with Boris Johnson to assure him they’ve got everything covered. #covid #corona

A post shared by Josh Berry (@joshberrycomedy) on


Impressionists feel a bit ’90s – think Alistair McGowne, Jon Culshaw and Ronni Ancona, but there’s a new kid on the block and he’s using his Instagram platform to share an amazing, hilarious talent of impersonating people.

Josh Berry will have you laughing-crying with his spot-on satires of an Instagram #influencer, a middle class mum and a Bristol student in lockdown. Oh, and he does a mean impression of Boris, too.


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A post shared by freddie smithson (@freddiemade) on


If you’re a fashion fan you’ve probably seen some of these retold fashion moments on the ‘gram, courtesy of tongue in cheek artist, Freddie Made.

By day he’s a head creative at Burberry but by night he makes meme magic with sartorial satires. Think The Queen in bling bling Gucci, Meryl ‘Street’ wear and ‘Chernel’ (that’s Cher in a Chanel ad).

A joy of a scroll for Vogue readers, probably lost on everyone else.


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A post shared by Good News (@tanksgoodnews) on


Less laugh out loud funny, more posts that will make you smile and your heart burst, this daily good news channel documents positive stories from around the world with a hint of humor.

From the sweet seven-year-old collecting protective gear for hospitals to the 101-year-old who survived the war and recovered from Spanish flu and now Coronavirus (what an absolute hero), these are the kinds of stories we want to be filling those little square with right now.


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A post shared by No Context Louis Theroux (@nocontextlouistheroux) on


Because we all need a little Louis to get theroux it, even if it’s not the real thing.

This account delves deep into the archives of everyone’s favourite broadcaster and makes magical memes out of them.

Funny and a gentle reminder to rewatch all of Louis’ documentaries during this self-isolation time.


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Borknite with the homies (via @goldenbenjamin)

A post shared by Animals Doing Things (@animalsdoingthings) on


Few things lift the spirits like cute animals doing cute things and generally just being really f-ing cute.

Join the other 4 million+ people who think so and follow this account that’s the best source of animal-related videos the Internet has to offer.

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