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It doesn’t truly feel like Christmas until all of the festive decorations are up, with the most important seasonal addition being the giant tree slotted in front of the bay windows for all of the street to see or nuzzled into the corner with presents piled up high underneath. 

A living room just doesn’t feel complete without one; the tradition has been passed down for centuries and Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without one tucked somewhere in the house. For some though, the thought of treading on pine needles for weeks (if not, months on end) doesn’t seem the most appealing – there is literally nothing worse. And while an artificial one does do the trick, it doesn’t always look quite as convincing as the real deal. Which is why this year many families and households have turned alternatives to spark the same effect but without having to get the hoover out every morning… Enter the alternative Christmas tree revolution.

Many individuals are waving goodbye to the traditional pine needled evergreen and are on the forage for smart, effective and festive alternatives, and it seems many high street shops and online retailers have coddled on to this interest. With demand on the rise, options have become abundant and ever-growing. 

Whether you’re looking for an alternative, don’t have endless amounts of room or have stumbled upon this article because you’ve left it to the last possible minute and all of the local stores no longer have any tree available, we’ve whittled down our favourite fourteen Christmas tree alternatives to help you decorate your home this December.

For something simple yet effective, look to John Lewis and their ladder effect tree. Inspired by the Bloomsbury Group and their thought-provoking artistic movements in the early 1900s, the tree is simple using wooden branches tied with twine in a triangle-tree shape with festive foliage brushed along each branch. It’s a really simple way to add a touch of nature to your rustic living room interiors. Not On The High Street also does a great driftwood design that uses a similar effect but stands, meaning it can be tucked atop of the mantelpiece or on a side table. 

We also love Cox & Cox’s alternative range, from the Golden Deco Silhouette Tree with star constellations as ‘bauble’ decorations, to the Lit Tree Wall Hanging, which makes for the perfect backdrop to tuck the Christmas presents underneath. The wall hanging is especially great for those with less living room space but don’t want to forgo the festive decorations and can be used time and time again. 

For a quirky alternative, look to BOMBUS’s comic-style tree. The wooden design is in the shape of a traditional pine tree but has been covered with comic style illustrations looking as if it’s been plucked straight from a Marvel movie. It’s a little more on the pricey side but it’s perfect for any comic book fans out there.

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Indoor Outdoor Magical String Light Tree


Skip on the traditional pine tree this year and opt for Cox & Cox’s Indoor Magical String Light Tree. Perfect for those who want to add a little sparkle to their bare wall or don’t have room for the real deal. The shooting stars and glistening moons will be sure to help add a little magic to your Christmas.

Glass Christmas Tree Ornament 

£11.99 – £17.99

For those with minimal space but don’t want to miss out on a festive touch, opt for Zara Home’s glass tree ornaments. Battery operated, they’ll be sure to add a sparkle to your table or TV cabinet.

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