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While you might think watching YouTube video after YouTube video is for your 14-year-old little sister, there’s a whole host of YouTubers looking to prove your theory wrong and today we want to bring your attention to the online foodie world.

Now that we have more time on our hands, many of us have turned to the kitchen to help pass the time and create delicious foodie concoctions, and who are we turning to for inspiration? Foodie YouTubers. From home-cooked restaurants classics to a YouTuber who sets out to recreate every weird and bizarre recipe from your favourite TV shows and films, here’s 14 foodie YouTubers that’ll help you channel your inner chef.

Binging With Babish

Ever wondered what a Krabby Supreme from Krusty Krab’s tastes like? Or, how Ned Flanders always perfects his hot cocoa each and every time, or how you’d even go about creating your own version of the Pizza Ball from The Eric Andres Show? Binging with Babish goes above and beyond to bring his subscribers the content they ask for. Recreating the strangest, craziest and outright bizarre recipes from your favourite TV shows and films, Binging with Babish has become a foodie hero on YouTube as he puts the oddest, fictional concoctions together to the test in real life, and some of the outcomes are just damn right magic. 

Hosted by New Yorkian, Andrew Rea, the channel has become iconic on so many levels, and he’s even set up a series called Basics with Babish, where he provides you with simple, intermediate and often complex recipes of your all time favourite classics.

Not Another Cooking Show 

Centring his recipes around the belief that “cooking should be a basic human skill, like reading, writing, or driving a car,” Stephen Cusato creates videos that are easily accessible and hopes to spark creativity within your own kitchen. His YouTube channel, Not Another Cooking Show, brings you internationally loved flavours and marries them together with easily replicated recipes that you too can join in and enjoy creating at home. We love his recent video on how to make fresh orecchiette by hand.

Food Wishes 

When your most popular YouTube video is an ‘inside-out grilled cheese sandwich’, you know you’re doing something right. Food Wishes is the brainchild of John Armand Mitzewich, aka Chef John, and is home to hundreds of recipes of your favourite carb loaded classics and meaty flavours. Find everything from the easiest version of the aglio e olio spaghetti to the pesky fondant potatoes, Swedish meatballs to his infamous pizza sauce recipe. Oh, and expect to find a newfound love for cayenne pepper, Chef John is absolutely obsessed.

Bon Appétit

January 2021 edit – Bon Appétit has undergone huge scrutiny over the last nine months due to the racist and toxic nature of the environment of past years. And while we don’t support this in any way, we decided to keep this mention in as the channel is home to some of the most creative culinary minds, both past and present, who deserve to be given the recognition they deserve for their culinary talents. 

Of course you wouldn’t usually see us writing home about another foodie website or magazine, but it’s Bon Appetit’s YouTube channel that we want to shed a little, or a lot, of light on. Having launched in 2012, the channel has become something of a staple for any food loving individual, but is based on three simple principles, “seasonal produce, properly salted pasta water, and developing recipes that anyone can make at home.”

There are countless different series, but a favourite of ours is the Test Kitchen, which sees professional chefs sharing their favourite dishes, recipes and kitchen staples.

Pro Home Cooks

Helping you to perfect a faultless sourdough each and every time is Pro Home Cooks. Hosted by Mike Greenfield in his trendy New York studio kitchen, the channel brings you cooking recipes that are easily achievable at home if you have the passion and drive to create something special and delicious. His latest craze is creating recipes in an air fryer.

French Guy Cooking

Alexis Gabriel Aïnouz, aka French Guy Cooking, is a self-taught homecook who is a dab hand at experimenting with flavour combinations, science and humble humour. I don’t think there’s another foodie YouTuber quite like this guy, and his sheer determination shines through his various series dedicated to specific techniques, concepts and dishes. Seriously, French Guy Cooking spent weeks perfecting how to make his own ramen noodles.


Journey across the seven seas with the click of a button with a little help from Vice Media’s YouTube platform, Munchies. From meal prepping to delving into the history of pizza, international recipes to masterclasses from household names, Munchies is your visual guide to the world’s best foods.

 J. Kenji López-Alt 

American food writer and chef, J. Kenji López-Alt set up his YouTube channel four years ago and teaches humble homecooks ways to perfect their restaurant favourites at home. While other YouTubers describe as they go, this guy goes on step further using POV (point of view) camera angles throughout the whole video to give you a real look into what goes on and how to actually create these at home. This weekend, I even joined in on one of the videos myself and learnt how to perfect the ‘foolproof no knead pan pizza’. The result? Bloomin’ excellent.


From high protein meal prepping to naughty vegan chocolatey treats, Avant Garde Vegan is a foodie favourite among the vegan community thanks to his professionally shot videos, tasty recipes and British charm. 

On the surface Gaz Oakley might look like a cheeky chappy, and granted he is, but he’s also a pioneer for plant based foods and dishes. If you haven’t attempted his sticky BBQ vegan ‘ribs’, get your hands on the video above and you’ll never look back.


It wouldn’t be a foodie YouTuber list without giving a little love to our favourite Italian on the OrsaraRecipes channel. 

You’ll most certainly recognise Pasquale Sciarappa from his infamous ‘how to pronounce Worcestershire sauce?’ video that went viral back in 2014, but today you’ll still find him creating traditional Italian recipes, from pork Milanese to homemade tortellini, osso buco with polenta to zucchini meatballs.

Tipsy Bartenders

Although you might think you’re a dab hand at cocktail making after you’ve had a couple of homemade mojitos, the reality is probably far from the original. One man on a mission to take your homemade daiquiris to the next level is Skyy John, aka Tipsy Bartender. From creating your very own rainbow shots to perfecting the ultimate vodka gummy bear ‘jungle juice jacuzzi’, become the life of the party with the Tipsy Bartender’s cocktail recipes.

Adam Ragusea

Proving you too can become a great home cook is Adam Ragusea, who centres his videos around hassle free comfort food. Expect two deliciously inspiring videos each week ranging from loved classic recipes to kitchen staples.

Jenny Can Cook

Back in the day she was a Canadian-American stand-up comedian, presenter and talk show host, but today she has become a YouTube sensation that thousands have grown to know and love. 

While she doesn’t post extremely regularly (her last was over a year ago), her channel boasts millions of views and a healthy 900k subscribers. Expect cheesy jokes, hearty recipes and brightly coloured cooking equipment that you can’t help but love.


Tasty may boast over 18 million subscribers on YouTube alone but how feasible are these aesthetically pleasing recipes to create at home? Apparently not very. Tasty has received a lot of slack from the YouTube community, with fellow YouTubers outwardly shaming their creations in takedown videos and attempting to recreate these supposedly easy recipes at home. Either way though, there’s no denying that we’re not all curious how they made a giant 30-pound burger…

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