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‘Tis the season to invest in a jolly good pair of pyjamas. With all the red tape that comes with going out, why not stay in and wrap yourself up in some really posh PJs instead?

Apparently searches for pyjamas have sky-rocketed this year, alongside pets and anxiety. But while encouraging you to spend £3k on puppy would be a bit savage – prices are up 89% ish – and addressing anxiety is definitely a long game, helping you find the very best pyjamas right now is up there in our repertoire of can dos. And every mundane activity needs dressing up this December, even staying in, as we all try our damndest to make sure this Christmas isn’t a complete flop.

One of the things we’ve missed the most during Covid – human interaction and hugs aside – is being able to use the full spectrum of our wardrobes. After all, the simple act of getting dressed is known to be good for your mental health. And while there haven’t really been any occasions to flex your sartorial prowess – why not make one of staying in? Besides, you’ll feel infinitely better when you are curled up on the sofa this Friday night, if you do so in some sumptuous silky pyjamas.

Take your style cues from Ellie Goulding who opted for two different pairs of Olivia Von Halle pyjamas during an appearance on Sunday Brunch recently, Kerry Washington is also a fan of the brand. Luxury PJs are no longer reserved for the bedroom, either. Want to know how to wear your pyjamas outdoors? Sophie Turner wears hers while hotfooting around L.A. with heels, hoops and a Hollywood hair-do. And why not?!

It’s time to put the grotty grey t-shirt aside. Slip into silk, satin or freshly-ironed cotton, pour a glass of bubbles, pop a Camembert in the oven, line up the bread sticks, and tell Alexa to play A Holly Dolly Christmas – because Dolly Parton is trending again, too.

"Rixo loungewear is as good a reason as any to stay in. Say hello to the beautiful Vintage Rose Athena print. Made from 100% silk these pieces will definitely make bedtime a whole lot more provocative."

Athena Silk Cotton Robe, £180 and Athena night dress, £120

"What a genius idea - a satin pyjama playsuit. This gem is bringing new meaning to stylish sleepwear. It also happens to be in the most glorious shade of pistachio green. Excuse the pun, but we're nuts about it."

Farrah Playsuit, £220 at

"Talk about a pair of pyjamas that make you want to go to bed. There’s nothing quite like sleeping in silk – and this stunning set is no exception. We love smart ivory piping along the collar, cuffs and pocket - so smart."

Silk Pyjama Set, £189 at 

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