Ever dreamt of having your own movie theatre inside your home? Let your imagination come to life with these easy and affordable hacks for building a cosy home cinema. 

While the cinemas still have their doors firmly shuttered due to the raging pandemic, recreate your favourite pastime at home and relish in the cinematic experience with these simple steps. From finding the perfect projector for you to living out a real cinematic experience with surround sound speakers, here’s what to order to create a cinema at home.


Long gone are the days where projectors are skyrocketing prices, these days you can find affordable dubs that do just the trick for recreating the cinema experience at home. Of course, there are some great higher end projectors that are definitely worth the extra buck if you’re looking to seriously invest and use your home cinema every day. This splurge projector from Samsung is great for that, helping you bring the 4K experience to life at home. 

For those who want to use their projector every now and again, look to the more affordable options. This portable projector from NEBULA is great as it can connect to wifi, has inbuilt speakers and has a 100 inch picture. For a slightly cheaper model, look to the OPTOMA H184x HD Ready Home Cinema Projector, which has been designed to work well in both dark and light rooms. 

For a totally affordable projector, try the ELEPHAS Projector. Coming in at just £67.99, it’s a great one for those who need it for a special occasion or want to use it every now and then. I actually have an older model and while the picture and sound quality isn’t totally amazing, it still works great for the price!

Projector Screens

A projector screen isn’t entirely compulsory but does help to elevate your home cinema experience to the next level. Currys have a great few options that are both affordable and work well. Try the OPTOMA DS-9092PWC 92” for a fixed option that you attach to your ceiling and pull down as and when you need it. Think David Harbour vibes from his trendy Architectural Digest tour. Or, simply get a removal option like the ACER T82-W01MW Tripod Projection Screen that comes complete with its own movable tripod. This way you can move it around the house or even into the garden. 

Go without all together and just use your projector on that giant living room wall you haven’t filled up with your gallery art yet.

Surround Sound Speakers

Most projectors do have inbuilt speakers but to really elevate your home cinema package, you’ll want to invest in some solid surround sound speakers and unfortunately, these usually do come with a hefty price tag.  

We’ve whittled a few of our favourite speakers brands, from Sonos to Bose, all which have their own benefits and cons. To really elevate the game, opt for a sound bar as they really do wonders for creating the ultimate cinema experience. These are also great options to have on hand anyway too, from listening to music to simply connecting to your flatscreen tv.

Obviously very important here to double check your projector and speakers can work together, so best to do some research around it once you’ve decided what projector suits your needs.

Oculus Quest 2

For a totally out of this world cinematic experience, it’s definitely worth checking out the world of VR. 

What was once home to just the gaming world, has since transformed into the video, YouTube and movie experience. We love the Oculus Quest 2 as it’s really easy to use and provides you an outer-body experience, perfect for watching sci-fi films in pristine detail. 

You just need to download the app, pop your headset on and prepare for a new cinematic experience, VR style.


Cosy blankets & throws

Watching movies at home isn’t complete without a bundle of blankets, throws and cosy pillows scattered around you, the sofa and the floor. Eek out the most of being at home and cuddle up with your bubble with these cosy homeware pieces. 

For more throw inspiration, check out our dedicated guide here.

Cinema Snacks

Snacks are an integral part of going to the cinema. Instead of dropping a small fortune on flat fizzy pop and stale popcorn, invest in your own cinema favourites at home. 

Sure you’ll have a few of your own favourite snacks but here are a selection of ours. We love Candy Kittens, the gourmet sweet brand from Made in Chelsea star, Jamie Laing. Pick and choose from their bundle packs to create the ultimate pick ‘n’ mix package or order in your favourite flavour. Plus, they’re vegan too! 

For a gourmet popcorn hit, try the posh popcorn brand, Joe & Steph’s out. They’ve got a whole host of new flavours in time for Easter, including this moreish flavour, Belgian Chocolate & Hazelnut.


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