October was a month packed with horror TV shows in the run up to Christmas, from Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curousities to The Midnight Club and more. If you’ve still not gotten enough of a horror fix, then you can turn your attention to Netflix’s upcoming horror 1899. The new series is a German period mystery horror, in multiple languages, created by German screenwriters Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, focusing on a group of Europeans migrating to New York City from London. It’s set to premiere on the streaming service on 17th November.

English actress Emily Beecham, who appeared in the Coen Brothers’ Hail, Caesar! stars in the series as Maura Franklin, a neurologist travelling over to the US alone. Andreas Pietschmann, who starred in Dark, another series from Friese and bo Odar, plays captain of the ship Eyk Larsen. Miguel Bernardeau plays Angel, a rich Spaniard, Jose Pimentao plays Ramiro, an introverted priest travelling with Angel, Maciej Musial plays Polish stoker Olek and Mathilde Olliver is Clemence, a young Parisian woman from the city’s elite, accompanied by husband Lucien. Actors Aneurin Barnard and Anton Lesser also star in the show in as of yet unannounced roles.

As the steamship the group of migrants are on progresses, they find another migrant ship adrift on the open sea, with things starting to turn sinister. Their hopes and dreams of a new life in America are upturned by what they find on board, and their voyage becomes a nightmare. Netflix recently released the creepy and weird trailer for the show, which gives a first glimpse into the characters and atmosphere of the period, as well as hinting at what’s to come. They also dropped an intriguing poster for the series, showing Beecham’s Maura falling through a triangle of water, and the triangle symbol is repeated behind the show’s logo. Given the series’ horror themes and the rough location of a ship crossing the Atlantic, this may be a hint of the Bermuda Triangle playing a part in the series – but you’ll have to watch to find out.

Friese and bo Odar said although the series takes place in the later 1890s, they took inspiration from current day events like Brexit & the ongoing migrant crisis in Europe, and the public attitudes towards them, in their ideas and creation of the show. You can find out exactly what goes down on the ship and what happens to the passengers when 1899 releases on Netflix on 17th November.

1899 drops on Netflix on 17th November. Check out more new films dropping this month here!

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