Whether you’ve just turned vegan and are searching for the best plant-based swaps or you’re simply looking to cut back on your meat consumption but don’t know where to start, switching to a vegan diet has never been easier. Long gone are the days where limp lettuce and veggie bean burgers were the only option, we’re now seeing big name brands offering vegan options and independent brands popping up with innovative and exciting vegan alternatives to meats, fish, dairy and sweet treats.

If you’re looking for easy vegan swaps that not only look good but taste delicious, online grocery experts Ocado are here to help. They have taken their range up a notch, offering plant-based options for just about everything. 

From juicy M&S Plant Kitchen’s Chicken Kyivs to flakey Higgidy vegan quiches perfect for picnics, read on to find out what to add to your Ocado cart this week.


Meat alternatives 

Of course, not all vegan food needs to be replaced with a meat alternative but if you’re starting out or you have a craving you can’t kick but want a healthier option, they are great. And there are so many options nowadays! 

Satisfy your bacon craving with THIS Isn’t Bacon’s plant-based rashers. These are the best vegan bacon alternatives, packed with protein, low in fat and have that bacon taste (and smell!) you almost won’t know the difference. 

Heura is a new brand that we love. Made with 100% plant proteins made from pure Mediterranean extra virgin olive oil and sustainably sourced, non-GMO soy proteins. This chorizo option is great grilled and adds a nice little heat to your dish. 

Tiba’s tempah, made with organic soybeans, are delicious stirred into stir-fries, salads or even subbing as a meat in your lunch wraps.

Lunch options & savoury snacks

Whether you’re looking for lunch options, have a craving for something salty or are hosting a BBQ buffet this summer but don’t know what to serve, Ocado has some great products available, from garlicky focaccine that’s perfect served with creamy pastas to the mini vegan no-pork pies from Higgidy that are great for kids lunchboxes and picnics. 

ChicP’s veggie bites are great for those on the go or tossing into salads to help add some flavour and protein. 

Let’s not forget Whole Creations’ gluten-free breaded sheesy sticks, giving vegans that gooey cheese-pull goodness without the dairy. 

Deliciously Ella

Desserts & Sweet Treats

If you’re hunting down the best dessert or sweet treat alternatives, Ocado has a whole range of tempting options. Serving up cake treats for vegans is OGGS and we just love their moreish brownie bites and mini vanilla cupcakes that are almost too cute to eat. 

Always crave something small and sweet after dinner? Opt for Monty Bonjangles’ cocoa dusted truffles. Rich but utterly delicious. 

Serve up Deliciously Ella’s fruity oat crumble after your next Sunday roast and pair it with a good scoop of vegan vanilla ice cream. No one will know it’s not homemade – we won’t tell!

In partnership with Ocado 

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