Singles parties used to have a bad reputation. But then when ghosting became the norm, we were haunted by the same profiles across every dating app, and everything changed. We all longed to meet someone IRL, and singles parties had a huge glow up in response. 

From cheeky cocktail masterclasses, to rooftop parties, to entire museums full of single people, you won’t find better than those hosted by Inner Circle. This dating-app-come-events-expert believes singles parties are the future.

Here’s why…

It’s the best way to hit refresh on your dating pool

Dating apps are dead. If you’re tired of seeing the same faces on every dating app, there’s a whole new world of single people waiting for you at these events. 

And the only thing better than refreshing your dating pool? Having a great night out at the same time. Coming up, prepare for dazzling DJ sets, staggering psychic readings, glittering burlesque performances and ice-cold drinks in venues you’ve always wanted to visit, but never been able to find. Sign up if you don’t want to miss the next one. 

Single people want to meet someone in a natural way

Probably because they’re tired of endless swiping, meaningless messages, and matches that don’t lead to dates. Sound familiar? Time to try dating without your phone in your hand. 

And if you’re not sure what to expect at a singles party, fear not. You’re in safe hands with Inner Circle. They have a team screening every new member, so you know the guest list is always full of like minded people looking for something serious.

No one gets approached in real life anymore

We’ve all gone a little bit shy. Which is why Inner Circle’s parties are genius. Everyone is (obviously) single, so what have you got to lose? The great thing about these events is knowing everyone is in the same boat and open to flirting. So when you catch eyes with someone you fancy across the bar, it’s time to shoot your shot. Hello, confidence. 

Ready to try out the newest way of dating in the city? 

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