The Handbook
The Handbook

Turns out your gran is actually the original hipster as crafty, grandma-approved pursuits have seen a huge uptake during lockdown. Dig deep for those lost home economics skills and start embroidering or wind down with some chill-the-F-out colouring books for grown-ups.

Cheap, easy (well, relatively so) and guaranteed to have something to show for your efforts at the end.

Embroidery Kits

Chintzy interiors that your grandma would approve of have come back in a big way, ironic, seeing as masters of chintz, Laura Ashley, have sadly just folded. A host of new brands have adopted the look, however, making it impossibly cool and chic – think Matilda Goad and Salvesen Graham.

We’re not suggesting you redecorate your entire house but get inspired by old school past times like embroidery to while away an afternoon without turning to Netflix. From pretty floral garlands that would look sweet on a cushion to coquettish Parisian slogans and rude sayings your grandma might not approve of, there’s something for everyone.

Sewing Kits

Taking it back to GCSE H.E. here, use your isolation time to make your own clothes. Liberty have some cool, 70s-inspired blouse and dress patterns and you can’t go wrong with an original Vogue pattern. The women’s wrap jacket below is very Isabel Marant.

Colouring-In Books

If you haven’t jumped on the adult colouring-in bandwagon yet you’re coping with boredom far better than us. There are some really cool (we use the term loosely) options available, from iconic album covers to a Bake Off-inspired book, plus, who wouldn’t want to colour in the Gosling of Queen Bey?

Crochet Kits

Make the most of free time by crocheting the little ones in your life a gift. From cute rompers to mermaid cuddlies and the cutest toy otter ever, there are plenty of sets to choose from to make your mini me smile.

Knitting Kits

East London hipsters tried to bring this one back a few years ago with moderate success – there were knitting nights set up and we saw a fair few needles out on the Gingerline. Lockdown might be the thing to bring it back and for good reason – it is said to lower stress levels, bring blood pressure down and you’ll have something to show for it at the end. Cheaper than therapy, too.

Wool and the Gang is the brand to know for modern knitting kits, choose from everything from chunky scarves to soft cable knit cardis and cute dog jumpers if you want to fully embrace your inner hipster.

Macramé Kits

If you’re keen to make your home look like it’s been thrown up on by Instagram a macramé kit is for you. A bit 70s kitsch, a bit boho, it’s the perfect hobby to take up if you’re into your hanging botanicals, potted succulents and handmade wall hangings.