If the back of your fridge is left with limping lettuce, floppy carrots and wilting greens by the end of the week but you’ve promised yourself that you’ll tackle food waste hands on, these four recipes might be able to help you…

Yeo Valley Organic has shared four delicious recipes with us to help inspire you to reduce your food waste and make the most of what you’ve got knocking about in your vegetable collection. From saving that last knob of butter or spoonful of yogurt; to using up a hard piece of cheese for a delicious recipe, we could reduce food waste dramatically.

Read on to find out what to cook up this week…

Charred No Churn Pina Colada Ice Cream

There is nothing nicer than homemade ice cream! This is a smooth, creamy ice cream with a rich coconut and a sharp sweet pineapple flavour. It is super easy to make and is perfect to enjoy as an afternoon treat in the sunshine!


300g Leftover Pineapple

200g Yeo Valley Organic Greek yoghurt

1 tbsp. honey

100g desiccated coconut

100g coconut cream

2 lime juice & zest

227ml Yeo Valley Organic Double Cream


  1. Start by slicing your pineapple into 1cm rings. Add to a very hot, dry frying or griddle pan to char. Once there is colour turn to do the other side. Add 1⁄2 the pineapple to a blender along with the honey, desiccated & creamed coconut, lime juice & zest & 1⁄2 the yoghurt. Blend until smooth.
  2. Whip the cream until you have stiff peaks. Fold in the remaining yoghurt & blended mixture. Roughly chop the remaining pineapple & mix through. Add to your molds & freeze for 4 hours.
  3. You can be creative with your molds –we used individual ones & popped in a spoon to make it a lolly. You could also use a loaf tin & slice portions to serve. Decorate with lime zest to serve or enjoy straight up!

Lamb with Wild Garlic Yogurt and Flatbreads

Need to make the most of your leftover roast lamb? Here we have a great recipe to enjoy your tender lamb with a delicious wild garlic yoghurt over warm flatbreads. This is perfect easy dish for a meal in the garden.


50g vegetarian (non-Parmesan) hard cheese, grated

500g Self Raising Flour

500g Yeo Valley Organic Yoghurt

2 tbsp. Olive Oil1 tsp. Salt

20g Wild Garlic –finely sliced

1 tsp. Cumin seeds


500g Leftover roast lamb

Few sprigs of rosemary

1tbsp. Olive oil

Garlic Yogurt:

50g Olive Oil

15g Wild Garlic

350g Yeo Valley Organic Yoghurt

1 tsp. salt


  1. In a large bowl mix together all the ingredients for the yoghurt flatbreads until it just comes together. Make into about 250g balls & squish out with your hands until they roughly fill the base of a medium size frying pan. Roughly 25cm. Add 1 tbsp. Olive Oil to a hot pan & gently fry for 8 –10 mins each side.
  2. Pull the lamb apart & add to a frying pan along with the olive oil & rosemary sprigs. Fry until the edges start to go crispy & caramelised.
  3. Meanwhile add the wild garlic, olive oil, salt & 50g of yoghurt to a blender & blitz until smooth. Mix through the remaining yoghurt & put in a dish to serve.
  4. Serve in the middle of the table ready for everyone to tuck in & share

Prawn, Pea and Watercress Orzo Risotto

Rustle up this warm, flavoursome risotto, perfect for a week night when you need something speedy for the whole family.


50g Yeo Valley Organic Butter

1 tbsp. Olive Oil

1 tsp. Salt

1 Leek –washed

250g Orzo

1 Litre of stock

100g Frozen peas

100g Sugar snap peas

Leftover watercress, rocket, or pea shoots

250g Frozen prawns

50g Yeo Valley Organic Cheddar


  1. In a shallow casserole dish or large frying pan add the butter, olive oil & finely sliced leek. Sweat down until soft. Add the orzo & give it a good mix. Add the stock & allow to simmer for 10 mins.
  2. Meanwhile blend 1⁄2 the peas, watercress & 2 tbsp. water until a vibrant green smooth paste.
  3. Add the paste, prawns & remaining peas, sugar snap peas & watercress to the orzo. Cook for a few mins until the prawns are pink but not small & shriveled! Scatter with the grated cheddar & watercress to serve.

Roast Pork Tacos with Guacamole

Packed full of flavour and spice, this is a simple recipe to make the most of your delicious leftover roast pork. The tender, flavoursome pork goes beautifully with a fresh spoonful of guacamole in a tortilla wrap.


Cabbage Pickle:

1⁄4 Small red cabbage

White Wine Vinegar

1 tbsp. Salt

1 tbsp. Sugar

Roast Pork:

500g Leftover roast pork

50g Yeo Valley Organic butter

1tbsp. Olive Oil

1 Whole orange

Jalapeno Yogurt:

1⁄2 Jar of pickled jalapenos

1 tbsp. Olive Oil

1 tsp. Salt

1⁄2 Small pack of coriander stalks

Yeo Valley Organic Yoghurt


2 Avocados

1 Lime juice & zest

100g Ripe tomatoes

1⁄2 Small pack of coriander leaves

Taco Shells:

1 pack Tortilla wraps


  1. Start by thinly slice the red cabbage & cover with white wine vinegar. Add a large splash of water, the salt & sugar. Stir & leave to one side. Cut your pork into bite size chunks –roughly 1 cm sq. Add to a hot pan with the butter & oil & cook until coloured on all sides. Squeeze in the juice of the orange & cook on a low temperature until they juice has reduced & becomes sticky coating the pork.
  2. Meanwhile, add all the jalapeno ingredients to a blender & blitz until smooth. Stir through equal quantities of yoghurt until you reach desired heat!
  3. Scoop out the avocado flesh & add the zest & lime juice. Roughly chop the tomatoes & coriander leaves, & add along with some salt & pepper. Gently mix so you still have texture & vibrant colours. 5.Using the lid to your yoghurt pot as a template cut out 3 individual tacos from each tortilla wrap. Warm gently in the oven before serving.
  4. Add everything to individual bowls or platters & sprinkle with fresh coriander. Build a big sharing table ready for everyone to tuckin making their best combination.

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