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And breathe…

Sometimes when things get a bit too much to handle we could all do with taking ten minutes out of our day to take a moment for ourselves and feel in control again. Even though most of us are stuck inside right now, we still need to be taking time out to rebalance and recharge.

For a task as simple as just following your own breath, finding the motivation to start is always the hardest part especially during a stressful time like this, which is why wellness and meditation apps can be the impetus to get you up and going with a practice that will greatly benefit your day-to-day mental health.

Here’s five of our favourites:


With the mantra of ‘sleep more, stress less, live better’ this is something we can totally get on board with. Here to deliver a daily dose of tranquillity is the Calm app. With life-changing meditation techniques, video lessons on mindful movements and exclusive music to help you focus and relax, this is our pocket life-saver. If work is piling up, pop your headphones in for 15 minutes and feel brand new. 


10 minutes of meditation can turn your day from panic-stress to island-time relaxed with the help of Headspace. Just a few minutes of your day is all it takes as your headspace life coach guides you through some helpful meditation tips and tricks. From body-scanning to mindful breathing, beat off everyday stresses with a quick listen. 

Rain Rain

Whether you’re trying to work, struggling to sleep or you’re deathly bored of self-isolation and you’re actually looking forward to some rain, then this is the app for you. Chill out to some peaceful and soothing rain sounds, from waterfall sounds to jungle rain and tropical storms. Things can start to feel a little less claustro with this nifty app in-hand. 

Insight Timer

Good free apps are like gold-dust but Insight Timer is one of the best free meditation apps on the market. Tapping into all emotions that are keeping your nerves at peak, nearly all of our small everyday woes can be alleviated with a handful of guided meditation sessions.


Self-care and looking after your emotions is one of the best ways to live a healthy life, but when work deadlines loom, people annoy you and you’ve got severe cabin fever, things can start to eat away at your wellbeing. Queue Aura to help out with all the annoying niggles that eat into our sleep, work and rest time. 

To get into Zen mode, download these apps from the Apple App Store here or Google Play here

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