It’s officially Spring – finally! If you’re looking to usher in the new season by giving your home a refresh then read on. We’re not talking about anything too dramatic and time-consuming – just quick and easy warm-weather decor ideas. From cushions to colour, it’s time to lighten your mood and brighten your living space. 

1. Add Colour

Farrow and Ball describe India Yellow as ‘strong and moody’  which is so apt for right now.

The rich ochre tone is also famously named after the pigment collected from the urine of cows fed on a special diet of mango leaves. Don’t let that put you off though. India Yellow has the ability to bring any space up-to-date with its striking pigment and warm, cosy ambience. Yellow also happens to be the colour of  optimism.

Give new life to your home office or kitchen, and think about pairing it with white decor and wooden accents for a really fresh and modern aesthetic.

If India Yellow is too much for you, dial it down a notch with Sudbury Yellow, or try a one of the Pantone-inspired suggestions we recommend, here, instead.

farrow & ball India yellow

2. Bring The Outdoors In

Indoor flowers and plants are known to improve the quality of  air as well as reduce stress levels. And as we’ve been limited to the outdoor spaces we can enjoy during lockdown, why not embrace the idea of bringing  the outdoors in at home.

Sunflowers will bring you endless daily joy – they’re actually meant to inspire happiness, and hydrangea’s are meant to represent gratitude, grace and beauty. March is also typically the season for tulips, hyacinths and of course, bluebells.

All you need now is a nice new vase to play home to your blooms, so here’s out pick of the best.

H&MLarge Glass Vase

Price: £17.99

Zara Home Blown Glass Vase

Price: £19.99

3. Update Your Art

Your wall art can speak volumes about you and do wonders in negative spaces (as well as Zoom backgrounds). Spring is definitely a time to experiment with colour and adding a minimalist, abstract print to an otherwise stark wall is currently our most favourite, not to mention affordable, design update. Whether it’s a Matisse print, or something created by an upcoming contemporary artist, there’s no denying bold abstracts look great on gallery walls.

4. Swap Your Scents

Swapping scents is such a simple and powerful way to change the whole ambience in your home. Last season’s nutmeg, spice and smoky woods should be stashed for the foreseeable. Update your candle collection and evoke the spirit of spring with sweet rose and peony scents, fruity figs and wild grasses. You might not be able to visit the countryside but you can light a  candle, close your eyes and pretend.

5. Upgrade Your Glassware

Coloured glass is trending again and is the perfect antidote to the wet and dreary weather we’ve been experiencing of late. Colour has also been particularly symbolic over the past year.

While the time for rainbows on  windows might have passed, the trend for multiple cheery hues is set to stay. For living inspiration @heartzeena‘s Instagram account is abundant with jewel and pastel home-decor.

For a home accessory update, like super stylish coloured glass tumblers and carafes, look no further than Sydney-born brand Maison Balzac. (pictured). Their iconic pieces are instantly brightening, in every sense.

6. Add Picnic Prints

Gingham, like florals, is a summer perennial. The once quaint and country print is creeping back into our homes in multiple stylish forms. Swap your boucle and velvet cushions for cotton or linen gingham, try adding other soft furnishings like table cloths, throws and bedding, and declare your home spring ready. Whether you try and forget Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz (as well as your summer uniform as a child), or embrace the nostalgia, this preppy print is here to stay. 

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