It’s not only your skin that needs protecting in summer, UVB rays and more time in the sunshine can lead to dry, damaged hair too. To ensure you tresses are kept looking and feeling healthy, we’ve enlisted the help of celebrity stylist Neil Moodie, to share his tips for summer hair.

Given that he’s styled some of the world’s A-list – think Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Jodie Comer, Gemma Chan and Irina Shayk to name just a few, we think you’ll be in good hands… Here are Neil’s top tips, from his must-use products to tip on how to style your hair without the heat.

1 . Protect from head to toe

“Although we’re susceptible to sun damage year-round, it’s especially important to protect your hair during summer, when UVB rays are at their strongest. The sun acts like a bleach to the hair and this is down to UVA rays, whilst UVB rays are responsible for breakage. Ideally, you should protect against both, and protection should extend to your scalp as well as your hair. I’d recommend applying Biolage Sunsorials Protective Hair Non-Oil and for those with bald heads, extend your sun lotion to any exposed areas.”

2. Detangle after dipping

“When you pack for holiday, pack a detangling spray and apply this every time you’ve taken a dip in the sea/pool before combing (not brushing!) through. This will not only detangle but will also smooth and strengthen the hair. Biolage All in One Coconut Infusion Spray is great for this.  It’s important to use a comb over a brush because wet hair is more susceptible to damage, and brush bristles could cause tearing. The exception is if you opt for a Tangle Teazer Wet Brush.”

3. Bun it up

“’The Olaplex bun’ was trending on TikTok earlier this year and this lends itself brilliantly to summer. You essentially coat the hair in a conditioning treatment product and tie your hair into a bun so it gets to work whilst you go about your business. It’s worth noting that healthy hair will only absorb what it needs, so be careful about overloading the hair. Stick to wearing these conditioning buns just a couple of times a week and be sure to do this after shampooing. These are great for holidays, when you’re fresh out of the shower and heading out for dinner.”

3. Keep your Colour

“Colour-fade is, ironically, an ever-green issue, but this is amplified during summer because of the sun’s rays acting like a bleaching agent. Tap water also contributes to colour fade because it contains minerals that aren’t great for the hair, and these minerals are more likely to affect coloured hair because its more porous. This results in dull looking colour. It’s unreasonable to use bottled/filtered water each time we wash our hair, so the next best thing is to use a metal detoxing shampoo and conditioner. L’Oreal Professional’s Metal Detox range is exceptional.

 For those lucky enough to be splashing around in a pool this summer, I’d recommend rinsing hair with water beforehand as this will help to coat the strands and protect from the chlorine. Chlorine can sometimes send blonde hair a little khaki-coloured, so mix 12 aspirin into warm water and rinse through your hair after shampooing. Applying Tomato ketchup and rinsing is also a good solution for this problem!”

4. Fight Frizz

“Keeping frizz at bay can be a real challenge for the curl community, come summertime when humidity is high. If this applies to you, look for products that block out moisture from the atmosphere. I’d recommend Kérastase Discipline Fluidissime Spray which lasts for up to 72 hours. Oribe’s Impermeable Anti Humidity Spray is also fantastic for keeping the humidity at bay.”

5. Get waves without a wand

“Much like the Olaplex bun, conditioning your hair before braiding is a great way to nourish as you wear. But I love braids for creating a texture that you can wear in the evening once you take the braids out. Post-beach dip, rinse the hair and spray detangler in before braiding loosely, preferably with one braid each side of the head. Try not to tie the ends and wrap the braids together before pinning close to the head. Once you’re back at your accommodation and ready to go out, release the braids and lightly brush out with a flat bristle brush. Brushing upside down is good as you don’t want to flatten the hair. Next, take some texture spray – Sam McKnight’s Barely There which leaves no residue – and you’ll have soft beachy waves, without using any heated appliances.”

6. Be bold with accessories

“Head bands can get a bad rep and are sometimes seen as a bit retro – or only worn by tennis players – but fear not, as headbands are a great way to keep unruly – and sticky – fringes off of the face. As well as helping to keep your face cool during the day, headbands should be embraced for evening wear –  choose a wide headband or even a patterned scarf and put it on your head behind your hairline.

If it’s a scarf, tie a bow right at the front of your head to make it a focal point and experiment with bringing out the colours in the scarf via your makeup. On holiday, anything goes!”

7. Get a basic balayage

“To create some lighter strands without an expensive trip to the salon, tie your hair up into a loose style and then tease some sections out, just around the face and hairline. This will encourage the front pieces to lighten up and is most likely to work on hair that is dark to light blonde. That said, it will work on light to medium brunettes, though be aware they will become more red-toned.”

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