It wouldn’t be a milkshake round-up without a Kelis reference so if you’re lacking in the boys coming to the yard, get a load of these pimped up milkshakes.

From Five Guys’ world famous shakes to The Knot’s sugar-laden freakshakes, here are our eight favourite places to order the ultimate treat.


Serving up the best milkshakes south of the Thames, once you’ve had a Jefferson’s, you’ll be well and truly hooked.

It’s their homemade ice cream that won us over – seriously, it’s so good – but add that to their famous milkshakes and you’ve got yourself a fine lockdown treat.

Choose from flavours such as the Strawberry Compote, the Sea Salt Caramel, the Superberry Snickerdoodle and the Pistachio with White Chocolate Freckles and order a scoop of ice cream on the side – it would be rude not to.


These guys don’t mess about when it comes to milkshakes, from their thick milkshakes (a scoop of vanilla ice cream to make your shake extra creamy) to Scoopshakes (choose two scoops of gelato to be blitzed together), right through to the Freakshakes (milkshakes topped with the unthinkable from cakes to waffles and fruit). 

Creams is somewhat of a teenager’s date night dream, but if you’re pinning for a serious shake, this is your place.

Available to order on

Five Guys

Start with a creamy vanilla base, choose as many of the Five Guys flavours that you want (that’s up to 11 by the way) or take your shake to new levels with their added toppings from real fruit to crumbled, crispy bacon.

Flavours include tame vanilla and classic chocolate, plus Oreo cookie pieces and gingerbread.

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The don of the London burger scene, Byron aren’t just known for their patties. If you’ve yet to try their milkshakes, make lockdown a good excuse and Deliveroo yourself from one of the brand’s many outposts.

Shakes range from their signature Oreo flavour to Salted Caramel and Triple Chocolate, or you can ‘go hard’ by adding liquor to the mix.

For shake diehards, head to the dessert menu and order the Byron Oreo Cheesecake Freakshake – a vanilla and chocolate milkshake with malt, chocolate sauce, vanilla whipped cream, Oreo cookie cheesecake and an Oreo ice cream sandwich. Ooph!

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The Diner

As the name suggests, The Diner specialise in big American eats, big flavour, big plates and big shakes. Go big with the Snickers Shake or go hard with an added shot of 35ml added liquor.

They also so some seriously retro shakes like Coke Floats that will take you back to childhood and a decent Pina Colada shake if you can’t decide whether you want dessert or a cocktail.

Gloriously thick and seriously creamy, these aren’t for the faint of heart or those watching their wastelines.

Shake Shack

Also hailing from our cousins across the Atlantic is Shack Shack who specialise in two of America’s greatest exports – burgers and shakes.

Their hand whipped (we’re not sure this actually makes them taste better) come in all the classics from Vanilla to Chocolate, Strawberry to Coffee.

And yes, we’re all about dipping our fries in. Don’t judge.

Cookies & Scream Bakery

These guys aren’t letting a little lockdown get between us and our shakes. The cute bakery on Holloway Road, which specialises in vegan and gluten-free shakes, has taken a beating along with the rest of  the hospitality industry, but they’re still serving up shakes for pick up on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, 12-6pm.

Check out their stories to see what’s on the menu that day. Our top choices? The shakes, naturally, and the insane ice cream sandwiches. Yum.

Available for pick up Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays only, 12-6pm. Visit for more information.

The Knot Churros

These guys put the freak in freakshakes for sure with their unashamedly bright, saccharine-induced, diabetes-pending creations.

As well as their signature dish, churros, they also have a dedicated milkshake menu, all of which look like they’ve been made by unicorns.

Choose from The Little Mermaid – strawberry milkshake topped with whipped cream, glitter, pink candy floss and an edible mermaid tail, the Alice and Wonderland made with vanilla shake, whipped cream, glitter, sweets, a lollipop, candy floss and magic sprinkles. It’s making us dizzy just thinking about it.

The Kensington store is open Thursday- Sunday, 12pm- 8pm.

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