8 Exercise Classes That Are Actually Fun

Grown tired of the same workout routines? On the search for a fitness class that’ll make you laugh? We’ve rounded up eight exercise classes that are actually worth the money and trying out.

From hula hooping around your living room to circus workshops, here are eight fitness classes to try out when you need a giggle. 

Move Your Frame

Put your dance moves to the test with Move Your Frame, London’s best fitness studio boasting the craziest dance classes. Seriously, there’s even a class that’ll see you executing the Dirty Dancing ‘The Time of my Life’ scene. 

Choose from the bountiful selection, from Rave & Rebound, a high intensity fitness class to the sound of rave favourites, to the Boogie Bounce that’ll see you bouncing on mini trampolines to 70s hits. 

Various Locations 


Flying Fitness

Ever dreamt of being able to fly? Sure, we can’t guarantee you’ll grow a pair of wings when you book in for a class with Flying Fitness but we can guarantee you’ll have a whole lot of fun flying around the room like a professional (well, give yourself a few weeks) aerialist. 

Flying Fitness, located in Bankside, Peckham and Wimbledon, boasts a whole host of fun classes for future aerialists and circus enthusiasts to embark on. Try your hand at the aerial hoop, static trapeze or try one of the aerial yoga classes. In a matter of weeks you’ll soon see yourself building arm strength, a stronger core and whole new appreciation for circus artists. 

Bankside, Peckham and Wimbledon



Catering to the social media age, ChromaYoga uses colour therapy to combat the amount of blue light from our screens, filtering rooms with vibrant, neon lights each with a different vibe. Orange is slower paced, pink is restorative, yellow wakes us up and blue increases energy.

Their physical studio is still closed right now but they’ve got a selection of online classes available via their ChromaTV to help you get on your yoga journey now while you wait for their studio to reopen.

45-46 Charlotte Road, Hackney, EC2A 3DP


House of Voga 

Whoever thought of transforming ‘voguing’ into a workout is pure genius. As the name suggests, House of Voga helps to combine your everyday yoga stretches with voguing to bring you a fitness class with a difference. 

Right now their in-person classes are on pause but they’ve launched an online space allowing you to limber up in a fun new way at home. 

Flick through the voga online archives and choose one that takes your yoga skills to new heights.

Pop-up classes at Treehouse Hotel currently paused – online classes available 



Tired of the same fitness routine? Put your hula hooping to the test with this quirky online fitness platform, HulaFit. These 45 minute online sessions are great for those already confident with a hula hoop around their waist and want to get their cardio workout on whilst toning up too. 

Right now their London classes aren’t available but book in for one of their online classes for a real sensational fitness experience.

Right now they aren’t offering classes in London but there are online classes available 


Be Military Fit with Bear Grylls

Fancy working out alongside the king of the wild Bear Grylls? Be Military Fit with Bear Grylls will see you put through your paces as you train in tough conditions and high intensity to achieve your fitness goals. 

See what it’s like to train for the army with this training programme. The military fitness training methodology is combined with cutting-edge sports science helping you to achieve great results.

It’s intense training that’s not for the faint of heart.

Various courses in London



Get fit aqua style with FloatFit. Available at most leisure centres, FloatFit is a low impact class that’ll see you gaining serious results. Balancing on a sturdy surfboard-style board, each class will see you developing your strength, endurance and balance skills through a series of exercises. 

There are different kinds of classes too, from high intensity interval training to yoga inspired pilates. You’ll increase your flexibility, build muscle and have a whole lot of fun in the process.

Various venues 


London Dance Academy

Proving you are never too old to pick up a new dancing skill is London Dance Academy, the dance and alternative fitness studio that challenges the conventions of what a dance school has to be. 

Having first started life as the London Academy of Poledancing in 2005, London Dance Academy now offers over 200 classes a week in everything from aerial hoops to twerking. Scroll through their offerings and pick out a class that challenges you.

49-51 Central Street, London EC1V 8AB


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