8 Heart-Warming Times The Human Spirit Overcame The Coronavirus

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16th March 2020

Humans are incredible. We all know this, we see it every day in spontaneous acts of kindness, our entire NHS relies on it, and from celebrities to careworkers, we all know that mankind is best when we’re tested. Which, like every conversation nowadays, brings us onto Coronavirus…

But amid all the negativity, the unknown and the downright scary there are people who make our hearts sing as we see the best of humanity on display. Here are some of the humans who remind us that the human spirit is unbreakable and give us hope.

The Italian Air Force

Italy might be in lockdown, but the sky’s still free, and hats off to the Italian Air Force for putting on this display of defiance. As Pavarotti sings ‘we will overcome’ the Italian version of the Red Arrows use red, white and green trails to create the national flag as it subsumes the virus.

The move, one of their signature manoeuvres has been encouraging everyone living under the cloud of Coronavirus the world over.

Even President Trump has taken time to retweet the sentiment

And although it’s not 100% clear that this was necessarily during lockdown, even President Trump has taken time to retweet the sentiment, adding ‘The United States loves Italy’.

This Spanish Fitness Instructor

If you’ve stockpiled a veritable mountain of Ben & Jerry’s for the inevitable period of self-isolation then you’re going to want to move to this apartment complex in Seville.

This Spaniard provided a session to his neighbours in a moment of spirit lifting altruism

When your PT clients can’t come to you, what else can a fitness instructor do? How about a group workout session?

Jumping onto the roof in full view of the complex, this Spaniard provided a session to his neighbours in a moment of spirit lifting altruism. Beats binge watching Better Call Saul…


Italians Singing From Their Balconies

Proving that their spirits remain unbroken, Italians across the country have taken to singing from their balconies. The eerily beautiful strains rang out in cities including Naples, Siena and Salerno, before making their way onto social media to be shared across the globe.

From popular ballads to operatic classics, the ancient narrow streets have been transformed into some of the most moving auditoria in the world.

Jay Rayner’s Quit Writing Negative Reviews

If you’ve ever felt a pang of guilt when leaving your Uber driver four stars instead of five, imagine how it feels being a food critic when actual businesses and livelihoods are on the line.

Of course sometimes restaurants disappoint, but at a time when the restaurant industry is under incredible stress, with some even unsure if they’ll make it through the year, Rayner has decided to use his superpowers for good and only write positive reviews as his bit to help.

He tweeted about it here…

Arnie And His Donkeys

Better know as The Terminator or Conan, can we all appreciate Arnie the donkey lover? Inviting us into the kitchen of his ‘very small house’ (somehow we doubt it) Schwarzenegger cuddles the beats while urging older people to remain indoors.

ASSta La Vista. Geddit?

The septuagenarian (he recently turned 72) released the bizarre but sweet video last night and unsurprisingly the internet ‘broke’ at the incredible cuteness.

ASSta La Vista. Geddit?

Something You Can Do Yourself

Cornish copywriter Becky Wass wanted to do something for older people in the community who might be self-isolating, and it went viral (in a good way, this time).

Be an inspiration and get involved yourself.

The postcards have been adopted by community groups up and down the country, my own MP Rosena Allin-Khan has been helping recruit postcard droppers in Tooting while the schemes are springing up everywhere.

Be an inspiration and get involved yourself.

I’ve been feeling pretty helpless watching the news. Maybe you have too? I wanted to do something about it, so I’ve made…

Posted by Becky Wass on Thursday, 12 March 2020

An Iceland In Belfast

Iceland, the shop not the country, just made us smile by responding to Corona by making sure that elderly shoppers could come first, before the human locusts descend and wipe out all the TP and hand sanitiser.

The Facebook announcement just applies to the Kennedy Centre store, but we absolutely want to see this rolled out across the country, please, Iceland!

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