Right now a lot of us are cooped up inside, watching Spring slip right through our fingers to help stop the prevention of COVID 19. While it’s recommended to avoid busy streets, work from home and practice social distancing, it’s also beneficial for our mental health to head outside and stretch our legs once in a while as long as we’re practicing social distancing.

While we’re not completely on a lockdown right now we’ve rounded up London’s best walks to help clear your mind, while still practicing social distancing.

Hampstead Heath

Despite normally being abrim with locals, city goers and tourists, now is the perfect time to see Hampstead Heath in all of its glory. While the bathing ponds may be closed for the foreseeable, why not take a solitary stroll to unwind down the iconic hill, glancing at the sunset before heading back home to isolate under your duvet. 

The Line

The Line over in east London helps to combine a leisurely stroll with a slathering of the boroughs cultural scene, which is perfect for keeping you enticed and entertained during this period of uncertainty. Running from Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to the Greenwich Peninsula, The Line is London’s first contemporary art walk that sees art and nature intertwine. Walk along and uncover sculptures and installations that’ll help take your mind off this difficult period.

Richmond Park to Ham House

We’ll always have a soft spot for a stroll around Richmond’s deer adorn park. Stretching over 2,500 acres, Richmond Park is London’s largest, and sees fallow and red deers dotted around grazing on the meadows. It’s quite easy to spend a whole day here roaming the meadows without coming into contact with another individual. Our favourite route runs from Richmond Park through to the National Trust’s Ham House, just you might have to turn back a little before as the Ham House and gardens are closed temporarily. 

Crystal Palace

You might be able to hear a slight roar in the distance… That’s probably because you can hear the dinosaurs at Crystal Palace cheering that they’ve just been saved from extinction! The Bromley hideout is a favourite among tourists and hardened Londoners all year round, but right now will provide you with the perfect sanctuary away from the crowds. Wave hello to the dinos, weave your way through the maze and feel the wind blow through your fingers after a long week cooped up at your makeshift desk.  

Hackney Wick to Beckton District Park

Another one for the east London dwellers, stroll along Hackney Wick through to Beckton District Park. The five mile stroll will see you discovering a new side to the east London hotspot, as you stroll along the riverside and through to the green rich area. Get up, stretch your legs and clear your mind along this stroll.

Wandle Trail

An office favourite of ours is the Wandle Trail, the south London 14-mile walk running from Croydon to Wandsworth. On your solitary stroll you’ll find yourself wandering along the riverside path, looking over to the glistening Morden Hall Park and you might even catch a glimpse of the water mill that’s located in the Merton Abbey Mills. The walk is even better now that Spring has sprung!

Regent’s Canal Walk

This one’s another longer route but if you’re sick and tired of being sat at your makeshift desk all day you’ll love strolling along the Regent’s Canal walk. While we can’t hop on a plane over to the real thing right now, why not begin the walk in Little Venice before weaving your along the canal past Regent’s Park, Camden Lock and King’s Cross.

Parkland Walk, Finsbury Park

First and foremost we must all be hunkering down and socially distancing ourselves. However, let yourself (and only yourself) experience the fresh air and solitude this relatively short four and a half mile trail can provide you. The park actually follows the old railway line that once ran between Finsbury Park and Alexandra Palace. Nowadays you’ll find a perfect pathway running down the beaten up tracks, with arched trees clouding over head, and will transport you far away from the ghost city to a tranquil space only you know about. 

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