As I sit writing this it’s just started pouring with rain and I can’t think of anywhere better I’d like to be right now than cuddling up on the sofa and binging on Netflix’s latest heart-wrenching documentary film, A Secret Love. 

As we’re headed in for another weekend inside and this one’s scheduled to be a rainy sort, here’s eight things to get stuck into this weekend (and yes, one is binging on the docu. Don’t @ us).

Peruse The Peckham Car Boot’s Virtual Offerings

We’ve seen everything from music festivals to art exhibitions heading into the virtual world, but one thing we didn’t quite expect was the arrival of a virtual car boot sale. Either way though, we’re definitely all for snatching up a bargain. No longer do you have to trek to the local carpark at 6am with your grandparents like the good ol’ days, because Peckham’s virtual car boot has been revived at a rather respectable time of 10am. 

Tune in to their Instagram stories at 10am on Sunday to pick up the piece of furniture you’ve realised you’re missing, or the food accessory you never realised you needed until now.

When: Every Sunday, 10am
Website: Tune in here

Start your weekend off with a bang as you settle in for Kindred’s weekly quarantine quiz! Starting right after you finish work on Friday, get your team players ready, crack open a bottle of bubbly and work your way through the 20 quizzical questions. Start thinking of your screen name now, the funnier the better.

When: Friday 1st May, 6pm
Website: Register your interest here

Or, If Quizzing Isn’t Your Thing, Here’s 8 Alternative Games To Play Over Zoom

Grown tired of quizzing or just fancy switching up your family zoom routine? Fear not as we’ve rounded up eight alternative games to play over zoom that’ll have all of your family, friends or work colleagues laughing for hours on end.

Perfect The Margarita With Kitchen Cupboard Cocktail Sessions 

Around this time in lockdown, you’re probably feeling a bit of a cocktail pro but executing the final product probably still needs a bit of work. Which is why the cocktail masters of the Ladies and Gentlemen cocktail bar have swerved in to help with their weekly Kitchen Cupboard Cocktail Sessions. 

This Friday, William Borrell will be taking you through the stages of perfecting the classic margarita, with a twist.

When: Friday 1st May, 4pm
Website: Tune in here

Watch A Foreign Language Film From Our Must-See List

When Bong Joon-ho won the Golden Globe for Parasite, he looked directly into the camera and in Korean told the audience, “Once you overcome the one-inch tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films.”

To honour this spirit, we’ve put together a list of the best introductory foreign language films to watch this weekend.

Spark Creativity At Home With Philippa Stanton

Lost your sense of creativity? In need of a little creative boost? Artist and author of Conscious Creativity, Philippa Stanton will be hosting a live session over on The Royal Exchange’s Instagram this Saturday to help inspire creativity within viewers while they’re stuck inside.

Suited to both adults and children alike, you’ll learn tips and tricks on domestic foraging, colour matching and composition, using products you have in your house already. The session will end with a Q&A too.

when: Saturday 2nd May, 11am
tune in here


I’m always a sucker for a love story and even more so when it’s a bond that’s lasted over 65 years. A Secret Love follows a couple who kept their relationship a secret for over six decades.

The heartfelt documentary takes a look at the lives of Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel, an elderly lesbian couple who lived their relationship a secret for over 60 years. Directed by a close relative, Chris Bolan, you’ll see how this couple managed to keep their bond hidden for so many years and how they came out of the closet to their friends, family and world.

ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Car Seat Headrest – Making A Door Less Open

It’s not like Car Seat Headrest to stick to conventions and they certainly haven’t with the arrival of their brand new album, Making a Door Less Open. 

Having recorded in a studio and then rerecorded using computer and synthesised reverberated sounds, the album encompasses indie rock perfection; constantly pushing the boundaries of what we thought a Car Seat Headrest album could sound like.


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