If you’re looking at this article out of pure curiosity over what on earth ASMR actually is, welcome to the sensory journey you never knew you needed. 

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and simply means the tingly sensation people feel when they hear or see certain “triggers”. These triggers are made up of certain noises or movements that commonly elicit such a response. Intrigued? Give all of these nine videos a try, as everyone experiences ASMR differently. You may never know, you might have found your new favourite section of YouTube and will be catching on your beloved zzz’s in no time.


Whispering, or softly spoken, ASMR videos are probably the most common to come by on YouTube and there’s a reason for it. It might sound a little weird when you say it out loud, but pop in your Airpods and let these calming voices guide you on a tingly journey. 

FrivolousFox ASMR has even got topical with her latest video, aptly named ‘ASMR for COVID-19 Anxiety’ whispering softly comforting advice on overcoming anxiety during this current pandemic. And it’s always reassuring to hear “this is not the end of time. This is not The Walking Dead” being whispered delicately into your ear…


Probably one of the easiest videos or sensations you can recreate at home, tapping ASMR will without a doubt invoke an euphoric tingling emotion throughout your body. It’s a really simple task but you’d be surprised how quickly you’ll feel calm after a few minutes of tap, tap, tapping in your ear.


If you’re missing office life, or just get buzz out of the simple pleasure of typing, there’s a whole load of ASMR videos dedicated to the simple touch type. 

Whether you’ve noticed or not, every keyboard has a different sound, and the example video here ranges 15 unique keyboard sounds that’ll hopefully help boost your productivity when you’re studying or working from home.


Next up it’s the crinkling sound that’ll no doubt make your hair stand up on the back of your neck. ASMR Bakery jumps straight in with zero talking, providing nothing but 45 minutes of pure crinkling bliss. Put your phone on airplane mode, pop on your headphones and enjoy this sensory ride.


Did your massage appointment just get cancelled because of the pesky COVID 19? Fear not, because this ASMR trigger is about to take you on a sensory journey to massage heaven (and will save you a few extra pounds each month!). 

Traditionally you get a massage to feel relaxed, and to relieve yourself of stress, anxiety and muscle pain. Do all of this from the comfort of your home as you watch an ASMR massage video. Honestly, it sounds completely bizarre but you’ll immediately feel relaxed from just hearing the simple noises and seeing the hand movements running from muscle to muscle.

Hand Movements

Another simple way to get your tingly fix is through hand movements. Simply close your eyes and let the hands guide you on one aural journey. It’ll feel as if the hands are literally fluttering milimetres from your ear.


This one I am still trying to get my head around, but scrolling through the comments it’s easy to see that role-play ASMR really is more effective than I first realised. After watching this one, I soon realised the roleplay combines a multitude of ASMR triggers, and was actually rather fun and relaxing. Once again, pop in your headphones and let the role-play do the talking.


Settle in for an hour of sensory drawing as ASMR Darling explores the world of ‘the time garden’ colouring novel. Think softly spoken whispering retelling you the narrative and brush strokes of pens and pencils flickering in your ear.


A personal favourite of mine is the finger flutter. In a sense it’s as if a little butterfly is fluttering its wings near you. Gibi ASMR specialises in a whole host of different techniques, but this is a crowd favourite boasting a whopping 2.5 million views. It’s the perfect sound to gently take you into a deep sleep.

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