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It takes a lot to figure out the TikTok algorithm. You have to work your way through the tricks and hidden platform secrets before one of your videos goes viral, but once you’ve figured it out, it opens up a whole new ball game of possibilities. But TikTok isn’t just a land of viral dance routines and catchy songs, you can also stumble upon some really interesting and talented individuals, and today we want to steer your attention away from the bizarre and into the world of TikTok cooks.

We’ve waxed lyrical about the viral baked feta pasta trend – if you’re yet to try it, do – and other must-try recipes, but today, you’ll find us delving further and handpicking out our favourite chefs. 

From oldies including Gordon Ramsay’s hilarious rating regimes to the new TikTok chefs on the block, here’s to follow on TikTok for some foodie inspo.

Gordon Ramsay


King of criticism, it wasn’t long before Gordon Ramsay entered the realm of TikTok. Here you’ll find him doing what he does best, scrutinising fellow TikTok chefs and peculiar homecooks as they try to win over his approval. 

His TikTok page is littered with his RamsayReacts videos, in which he reacts to cooking videos that have been sent to him. #RamsayReacts has been hashtagged over 5.5billion times so you know he’s only to pick out the best and most bizarre. 

Occasionally you’ll find him knocking up a few of his famous recipes and themed dishes too, recently with Valentine’s specials and Chinese New Year dishes. 

In Ramsay style, his videos go big and viral almost instantly from uploading and his TikTok page is home to almost 300million likes and 20million followers. Follow along too for some laughs, light entertainment, oh and, occasionally some foodie inspo.

Poppy O’Toole


Helping you to create Michelin level cooking to your kitchen is Poppy O’Toole of PoppyCooks. The British chef is Michelin-trained and decided early that it was her job to help train up the rest of the TikTok world with her simple and easy to follow recipe tutorials. Don’t expect any pretty close up imagery or stylised recording, her videos are down to the basics and that’s why she’s so popular. 

Poppy became TikTok popular thanks to her influx of potato recipes. Find her chopping up everything from snack-sized hassleback potatoes to a 15 hour potato, veggie style. We also love her recent katsu curry rendition too. It looks so simple and easy when it’s in a quick 30 second video, doesn’t it? 

From potato pancakes and baby fries to chopping techniques, Poppy will help you on your way to becoming a pro home cooking queen in no time. Follow along for inspiration, tips and recipes.

Jonathan Kung


If you like your food with a side of spice, Chef Jon Kung is definitely the chef you need to follow. Based in Vancouver, the popular chef helps guide you through the basic steps of cooking his favourite dishes, from basic herbal chicken soup to szechuan potatoes – this video alone racked up 4.4million videos and almost 1million likes. 

In between his cooking content, Jon is also known for his Chinese Pantry series, delving into his pantry to show his viewers the ins and outs of Chinese cooking and the must-need ingredients. Expect everything from broad bean paste, olive vegetable and preserved bamboo shoots. 

If you’re wondering if popular chefs jump on TikTok trends, you’d be right. Jon created his own spicy version of the much loved baked feta pasta, putting his fiery spin on the viral recipe.

Tabitha Brown

I Am Tabitha Brown 

Recently turned vegan? Or just trying to explore the options a little more? Get your vegan fix with a little help of Tabitha Brown, dubbed ‘the world’s favourite mom’. You’ll find actor-turned-cook knocking up her favourite foodie dishes, from home comforts to healthy lunches. 

Over the last year her popularity has grown immensely thanks to her online content, in which she incorporates humour and veganism into every video. From bread-free avocado toast to veganised deviled eggs, homemade stuffing to chicken-style fried oyster mushrooms, there’s a whole host of possibilities when you’re vegan and Tabitha is on a mission to help showcase this to the world of TikTok. 

Tabitha has recently signed a book deal too, so if you like her videos you can get your entertainment in physical cookbook form soon.


Y’all ever met Enoki nem?? Baaaby they are amazing!! #vegan #tabithabrown

♬ original sound – Tabitha Brown

Nadia Caterina Munno

The Pasta Queen

After you’ve finished knocking up the viral baked feta pasta, we’re almost certain you’ve scoured TikTok to find over delicious yet simple pasta recipes. And along the way you’ve probably stumbled across Nadia Caterina Munno aka The Pasta Queen. 

Born in Rome but now living in America, Nadia is on her own mission to help fellow TikTokers add a little pizazz to their favourite pasta recipes. Learn the tricks of perfecting a real fettuccine alfredo in under ten minutes or make a rich meaty ragu. 

Wave goodbye to the Dolmio pasta sauces and hello to a new way of cooking pasta, like a real nonna. Follow along and you’ll be knocking up stunning pasta dishes at home in no time.

Gino D’Acampo 


Best known for his loveable TV shows and chirpy personality, Gino D’Acampo has entered the TikTok world, bringing his followers easy to follow and hearty recipes, from how to sizzle the perfect steak to constructing Gino’s favourite classic cheese burger.

While there aren’t as many videos as we’d have dreamed of – you can get those renditions on YouTube – Gino’s TikTok is bursting with his bubbly personality and charisma. 

Follow along for a mixture of cooking tips, recipes and random Gino content. There’s even a hilarious video of him and Gordon Ramsay messing around on the set of Gordon, Gino and Fred.


RECIPE: Simple yet beautiful fluffy s’mores pancakes 🥞 😍@tiktok_uk #pancakeday #foodtiktok #learnontiktok #recipe #fy

♬ original sound – Nathan



Just hold up for a moment. Look at those pancakes, just LOOK at them. Are they not the fluffiest pancakes you’ve ever laid your eyes on? We have Nathan aka TheGrubWorksKitchen to thank for this food porn. If these take your fancy, head over to his TikTok page and find a whole host of possibilities. 

One thing we love about Nathan’s channel is that he lays out all of the ingredients on the screen so you can screenshot them for when you’re ready to go to the supermarket and whip it up at home. His videos are often quick recipes but he does boast a whole selection of longer, marinated needed recipes too, plus a few vegan options mixed in amongst. We’re itching to try the vegan birria tacos.

Gabrielle Reyes


For some vegan cooking inspiration with a splash of singing pizazz, look to Gabrielle Reyes of OneGreatVegan. 

Gabrielle has curated a TikTok platform that is awash with vegan junk food, hearty eats and humorous singing to get you grooving and cooking. Every recipe video is overlaid with Gabrielle singing the recipe to her audience, whether it’s about loaded garlic bread or easy vegan brownies. 

She also posts a few hilarious outtakes too, proving that behind every viral TikTok, there are hilarious bits that don’t often make the cut and that’s totally fine. She’s also an actress and singer by profession too, so there are also a couple of behind the scenes and day-in-the-life of videos too which are fun to watch.

Jamie Oliver 


The king of quick meals, Jamie Oliver has also hit up the TikTok platform posting behind-the-scenes content, HQ and the occasional cooking recipe. 

The celebrity chef, renowned for his 15 minute series and 5 ingredient recipes, can be found uploading to TikTok every now and then, offering his followers and fans a little insight into his TV presenting world. Join him as he gets started on his TikTok adventure. 

Although he hasn’t posted many videos, we’re certain that he’ll soon become the TikTok sensation that Gordon has become, if not better…

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