8 Easter Activities To Entertain Children With This Weekend

Family lunches at the local and Easter egg hunts with friends might be off the cards this year, but we can still bring some Easter fun into the home. With the long weekend approaching, we’ve rounded up nine fun activities to entertain little ones with. From an at-home Easter egg hunt to online activities for rainy days, craft baking ideas to Creme Egg-inspired baking, make sure Easter is totally eggstra this year.

Put On An Easter Egg Hunt

Lockdown needn’t mean no fun come Easter; you can still put on an eggtravagant Easter egg hunt for little ones even when you’re stuck indoors.

Make a treasure map to help them find their sweet treats or come up with fun clues that will lead them to each spot.

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, even better, but there are plenty of spots in the house that will do – squirrelled amongst the books on the bookshelf or hidden in houseplants are always a good option.

For ideas and inspiration on what to create your Easter egg hunt with, check out our edit of sweet treats and gifts for little ones, here.

Download The Ascot Easter Activity Book

Our calendar alerts may only consist of scheduled Zoom calls and events that have been cancelled but we can still have fun over the Easter Weekend. Ascot may have been cancelled but the team behind the social event of the year have come up with an excellent array of online activities to amuse little ones for the long weekend.

The Ascot Activity Book is full to bursting with fun games and puzzles, from springtime join the dots to wildlife word searches and even a design your own jockey outfit for budding equestrians.

If we can’t go to the races, Ascot will bring them to us.

Download the Activity Book here for free.

Get Messy With Some Easter Baking

Everyone knows the quickfire way to win mum and dad brownie points is to literally make brownies. Get messy in the kitchen with some Easter baking, whether it’s fool proof chocolate cornflake ‘nests’ topped with Mini Eggs or traditional hot cross buns. Here’s a link to Jamie Oliver’s Hot Cross Bun recipe – surprisingly easier than you might think.

If you fancy getting a little more creative with the mixing bowl, check out our devilishly good roundup of Creme Egg recipes here. From gooey brownies to a showstopper of a cake, we can ensure kids will love them but you might want to prepare for the sugar highs in advance.

Or for those who love Mini Eggs, try this delicious Easter chocolate leftover cookie recipe. 


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Put On An Egg & Spoon Race

If you have a garden throw some family friendly competition into the mix with an old school egg and spoon race.

Practically free (all but a couple of eggs) to put on and endless fun (for little ones anyway) and a great way to get some isolation exercise in, it’s a cracking way to waste a couple of hours. Just make sure you hard boil the eggs first.

Get Crafty With Easter Cards

Ok it might be a little late to be sending Easter cards unless it’s for your direct family who live in the same house, but who doesn’t like receiving a card no matter the date?

Make the most of time indoors and get crafty with some homemade cards to send off to grandparents your little ones are missing or friends they haven’t seen since schools closed.

Anything goes, from finger painting to tissue paper flowers, collages to cut outs.

Paint Your Own Easter Eggs

Little ones love anything that they’re not usually allowed to do so playing with their food is bound to tickle them for an hour or so. Go retro with your Easter entertainment and paint some eggs.

Simply hard boil your eggs and get painting everything from patterns to pretty flowers or faces. These Easter bunny unicorns from Hobby Craft are super sweet. Watch the video and impress them with your artistic prowess.

For full instructions visit the Hobby Craft website here. 

Easter Dress Up

Turn your little ones into little bunnies and chicks this Easter weekend with some fun dress up activities.

You can make bunny ears using an old Alice band, cardboard for the ears and paint to decorate. Or cut out a strip of paper to fit the head, secure and then attach with tissue paper flowers, paints, gems, or even fresh blooms from the garden.

Make An Easter Tree

Get them hunting in the garden for a suitable branch to fashion an Easter tree with – the more twigs the better then get creative. If you have gold paint of metallic sprays, colour it first and once dry start adding decorations, from wooden Easter decorations (if you have them) eggs and flowers cut out of cardboard, painted and hung with string or fresh flowers if you have any.

To Heck with it, get out the Christmas decorations and use them. No one’s going to know the difference when we’re all in lockdown.

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