Ever wonder what the Handbook team listen to when they aren’t busy typing away? Whether it’s to pass a long train journey or something to listen to while cooking, there’s nothing better than switching off and tuning into a podcast, and the Handbook team love a wide variety, from fashion stories to foodie anecdotes – although if books are more your thing, check out these eight new autobiographies to order now. Read on to get inspired…

Elly Stancliffe, Founder – The Diary of a CEO

This podcast from Social Chain CEO and Dragon’s Den star Steven Bartlett chronicles the lives of some of the world’s most influential people, and how they “defined culture, achieved greatness and created stories worth studying.” The podcast is raw and intimate, with stories of failure and struggle, and overcoming obstacles. Having been a broke dropout himself, Bartlett managed to become the CEO of one of the country’s fasting growing companies.


Lauren O’Callaghan, Digital Editor – Every Outfit

A weekly fashion/pop culture round-up that started life as a satirical Instagram account recounting the fashion of Sex & The City, Every Outfit has grown into a podcast that discusses all kinds of fashion and pop culture topics. The show describes itself as “like The View (but less geriatric) meets Fashion Police”, and is hosted by Chelsea Fairless and Lauren Garroni. The two have been featured in Vogue and The New York Times amongst others, and have spoken at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Astrid Carter, Contributing Fashion & Lifestyle Editor – Changes With Annie Macmanus

From Professor Brian Cox to fellow podcaster and comedian Joanne McNally and popstar Robbie Williams, Annie Mac delves into the past of a stellar line-up of guests and recounts the moments in their lives that brought change.

From work failures to health scares and all of life’s little happenings in-between, this engaging podcast reaffirms that sometimes change can be a great thing.

Robyn Upton, Managing Director – Outspoken Beauty

Hosted by beauty broadcaster Nicola Bonn, this podcast strikes the perfect balance between insider intel and consumer friendly takeaway. Exploring all things beauty with a host of interesting and inspiring guests, Nicola also offers a mini pod that edits down the beauty products to know about each week. There are plenty of amazing product recommendations and tips, and topics from diversity to ageism are being covered.

Lottie Woodrow, Deputy Editor – Normal Gossip

Always a sucker for a little bit of gossip – it’s in a journalist’s job description after all – Normal Gossip is seriously addictive. It turns its head on the traditional celeb-centric podcast narrative and takes a look into local gossip. Think playground rumours, late-night antics, small-town knitting clubs and friends’ holidays gone wrong. Hosted by Kelsey McKinney and a new guest star each week, you’ll be instantly hooked.

Harriet Smales, Head Of Partnerships – My Therapist Ghosted Me

My Therapist Ghosted Me began life after host Joanne McNally’s therapist suddenly decided to start ignoring her attempts at communication, from phone calls to answering the door to even refusing to speak to her after she tracked him down. So, Joanne decided to team up with her friend Vogue Williams to give each other therapy by starting a laid-back yet funny podcast and musing on everything in life, making sure that they keep their convos “100% honest- guaranteed.”

Megan O’Reilly, Client Relationship Manager – The Official Mob Podcast

No, this isn’t a podcast about the Mafia- The Official Mob Podcast is a laid back chat about food and cooking, set up by Mob Kitchen. It’s great for recipes and food related topics, but also really funny and relatable, anchored by Sophie (Mob’s Food Lead) and her co-host Michael. They talk about everything there is about food, from veggie skewers at BBQs to the “biggest food red flags.” It’s great fun, and you’ll become a more knowledgeable and skilled cook as you listen to it (probably.)


Rufus Punt, Entertainment and Culture Contributor – The Rest is Politics

Two figures from both main sides of the political divide- Rory Stewart and Alistair Campbell- unite to discuss and explain the turbulent politics of the UK and beyond. The outspoken Campbell is known for his role as Tony Blair’s Director of Communications and his political diaries, while the softer-spoken Stewart was a Conservative MP and a London Mayoral candidate. While the two disagree and debate on many topics, they also agree on a lot- setting an example of how the political gap can be transcended, as well as explaining the crazy political world.

Charlene Teressa, Editorial & Research Assistant – Spooked

The Spooked Podcast is for those who like to delve into the weird and supernatural side of life… hosted by Glynn Washington, the show explores creepy true stories in which odd things happen. Across seven seasons, you’ll hear unsettling accounts of tales that’ll send a shiver down your spine, from haunted radio stations to creepy forests, to that feeling of being watched. You might want to listen with the lights on.



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