Living in the city certainly has its pros but fleeing its billowing buildings and tourist trampled streets to the rural countryside with nothing but faint phone signal and tented canvas can be extremely tempting.

But, if you don’t quite fancy embarking on the rustic camping lifestyle, glamping was invented for us city folk to help add a little glamour into your country escape.

While we can’t venture to these countries just yet, bookmark these nine glamping retreats for a later date or mega 2022 vacation.

Ecocamp Patagonia, Chile

Wowee, we’d love to wake up every morning here. 

Think views over Torres del Paine National Park, Chile as soon as you step outside of your own little dome. While electricity is limited (I mean, it’s glamping after all), this little bubble house is as entirely eco-friendly as possible, running off hydraulic and solar energy, and recycled water too. Step outside of your comfort zone, ditch the cell phones and be in awe of the beautiful surroundings at Ecocamp Patagonia.

The Resort at Paws Up, Montana

As interiors go, North Bank Camp on The Resort at Paws Up is far from the camping reality you’re used too. It’s colourful, homely and embedded with Montana chic which is why we absolutely love it. 

Picture yourself waking up to gorgeous views over the Blackfoot River before venturing down to the dining room for a grand breakfast buffet fit for all the family, or cosying up in front of the roaring opening fire and gaze out of the floor-to-ceiling windows. You don’t get views like this in England that’s for sure. It’s bloody beautiful.

Singita Mara River Tented Camp, Tanzania

Who knew tent interiors could look so darn good? 

Slotted dramatically on a riverbend in the Lamai triangle in Tanzania, Singita Mara River Tented Camp is next level. Surrounded by a glorious and impressive untouched 98,000 acres of wilderness, the camp provides the perfect backdrop to gaze at the wildebeest during their annual migration. It’s a sight and a half. 

Despite being lined with fabric, the camp is beautifully crafted with local furnishings, natural tones, and makes a point of using non-biodegradable materials and as little energy as possible. When can we move in?

Silo Studio Cottage, Massachusetts

For the Airbnb lovers, Silo Studio Cottage in Massachusetts is a real glamping retreat. 

Tucked on the Santarella Estate in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, Silo Studio Cottage gives off serious Rapunzel vibes with its tall turreted roof and shutter windows opening up from the bedroom. Its oldschool furnishings will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time but don’t let them throw you off. The bed is seriously comfy and helps add to the fairytale-esque feel. Channel your inner fairy tale princess and adopt the rustic lifestyle here for an evening or two.

The Greedy Gander, Herefordshire

What a greedy sod. We’ve only gone and thrown a slightly easier destination to escape the city. 

The Greedy Gander is just off the Welsh border in Herefordshire and will see you channeling your inner country gal as soon as you step foot in the yurt-cum-shepherd’s hut. As interiors go, we’re talking boho chic. Bursts of colour, wooden finishings and even a good ol’ log burner to keep your tootsies warm in the British ‘summer’.

Shipwreck Lodge, Namibia

Ahoy there! You can forget the seasickness when you board Shipwreck Lodge, because as the name suggests, it’s a ship that’s been washed up at sea. 

It’s not just any ol’ ship though. This one’s uber luxurious from the get go. Set just a stone’s throw away from the shore in Namibia, Shipwreck Lodge boasts ten rooms of pure rustic delight. Awash with wooden interiors, the lodge is airy and light thanks to the billowing windows, while still being incredibly cosy. It’s so easy to imagine yourself getting lost in a daydream in the bed loungers or snoozing away your days in the heat on decking.

Charming Slovenia, Slovenia

Here to charm you away with their tented lodges and natural pool is Charming Slovenia’s Herbal resort. 

There’s many reasons to view this beautiful destination. We’re extremely obsessed with the field of trees the camp is nuzzled in, as well as the ten luxury tents boast cosy spots to lay your head. But,all we can think about is that tempting natural pool that centres the whole resort. Charming Slovenia uses plants to keep the water clear rather than the horrible smelling chlorine. Just imagine swimming here. Beautiful.

Playa Viva, Mexico

Technically a treehouse but we couldn’t help ourselves with this inclusion. 

Made up of bamboo sticks, Playa Viva’s treehouse is nuzzled amongst palm trees and boasts soaring views over Mexico’s sparkling shoreline. Inside, it’s very minimalist in terms of its furnishings, boasting room for the four poster bed and little else. But it’s the view and the experience you really stay here for. 

Definitely one for the Insta anyway.

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