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In Fulham No One Can Hear You Screen: Beachside Cinema Opens

Life’s a beach if you live in Fulham, what with the tube and gridlock come Chelsea matches. But while it might be London’s least imaginative place to live, there’s nevertheless no shortage of fun things to do in the borough that’s not quite Chelsea, and top amongst them has to be Fulham Beach. So prepare to be transported to a Jungle Beach Paradise on the shores of a distant desert island (AKA Fulham, just next door to the concrete works). Seemingly edging away from its previous Neverland branding in a post-Michael-Jackson-being-acceptable world, Fulham Beach is now rocking a Jungle Theme […]

Where To Eat In

Where To Eat Out In… Soho

Soho could have easily been named Tally Ho! The name Soho was apparently coined as it was the hunting cry of Duke of Monmouth, rather than the more common ‘tally ho’. We can’t decide which would have been better, but in any case ‘tally ho!’ to all these restaurant...


Summer Reads Sorted! 8 Of The Best New Books

Summer is upon us, meaning it’s time to get stuck into a good ol’ book. Whether you are whiling away the hours lounging on a beach, sipping a G&T on a bougie terrace bar, sunbathing in a garden hammock or just needing something to get you through that sweaty commute here is the...

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Fringe Benefits: All The Best Edinburgh Fringe Previews In London

Don’t get me wrong, I love Edinburgh, with its Hogwartsy cobbles and granite grandeur, seeped in history and united by culture, heritage and a too-often-racist hatred of the English. But when it comes to the Edinburgh Festival, the significant advantage of Edinburgh, that it’s nowhere...

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Don’t Be A Jerk: Check Out These 14 Caribbean Restos

Jer’making me crazy! Let’s face it, nothing beats a recipe that’s been tried, tested and passed down from generation to generation, and your mama’s ol’ jerk marinade is one of those. Created with a whole lotta Caribbean spices, left for days to ensure their flavours are fused together, it’s something that us Londoner’s can’t get enough of. Whether we’re indulging in Caribbean chargrilled jerk meats, Ital stews or caramelised plantain, we’re flooded with Caribbean cuisine in the city. So we’ve devised a guide to the best of London’s Caribbean scene for you – expect ample amounts of rum!   Cottons Bringing a slice […]


The Ultimate Sporting Experiences From The Shangri-La

Sports fans, listen up! If there’s one place that sums up summer sport it’s not the crease at Lord’s, it’s not the goalmouth at Wembley or Centre Court at Wimbledon, it’s Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard. Yes, the tallest building in Europe, the one there’s a 60% chance you can see from your desk right now, has made itself the epicentre of this summer’s sporting season with their bucket list sporting experiences. If you’re looking for the ultimate gift for a sports fan, look no further. In one stay at the iconic hotel you can bag Wimbledon Centre Court Wimbledon […]

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You’re Majorkin’ Me? The Best Of Mallorca (Apart From Love Island, Obvs)

Love Island season is upon us, which means that we’re all glued to the extended ad for Mallorca and/or botox that is ITV’s hit reality series. But there’s more to Mallorca than Caroline Flack, The Villa and Casa Amor, and whether you’re looking for a romantic break or a relaxing family holiday, your dreams are just a two-hour flight away. So, having recently visited Madeira and Malta, and as your self-appointed Special Correspondent for Islands Beginning With M (I’ve another 248 to go, I’m nothing but a dogged reporter), I thought I should check it out. SNOOZING – Find your Casa Amor I […]

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Health & Wellness

London’s Weirdest Therapies And Where To Try Them

Gone are the days where stress was relieved by a hearty back massage and spa sesh. Now, we’ve got all sorts of quirky offerings from floating about in a tank for an hour to plummeting your body temperate to -110ºC. So, without further ado, here are various alternative therapies to open your...

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Take A Seat At St Luke’s Table

Walking into LIBRARY, nuzzled into London’s iconic theatreland just off Trafalgar Square, is quite theatrical in itself. In Alice In Wonderland, Through The Looking Glass style, you’re transported from streets paved with suit-wearers and clumps of tourists to a quiet reception area with an odour of slight muskiness and history, lined with an eclectic range of books, new and old. The sole partition between worlds being the elegant, charmingly blue front doors. LIBRARY London is best described as ‘quirky’. It’s a members’ club and hotel that would impress minds like Lewis Carroll and Wes Anderson with drama, enlightenment, escape, nourishment […]

Experiences & Pop-Ups

The World’s First 360 Degree Skyscraper Infinity Pool MIGHT Be Coming

Say ‘high’ to the world’s most incredible infinity pool! A pool that’s part Bond villain lair, part Star Trek and mainly pure fiction because it’s not likely to actually happen. Either way, we’re loving the concept. Set upon a 55 storey building (that’s not been planned yet, so it’s unclear why it has to be 55 storeys), the infinity pool is 360 degrees of infinity thanks to a novel entrance that emerges from the midst of the water, a rotating spiral staircase that’s based on the entrance to a submarine. The 600,000 litre pool, marketed simply as ∞, the Greek lemniscate […]

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