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Grammys 2017: Reluctant Winners, Unsigned Heroes and Powerful Protests

Let’s talk Grammys. One of the biggest nights in music, it always has promises controversies, shocks, and an overall good time. This year was no different, with the Grammys 2017 seeing Adele take home all five of the Grammys she was nominated for, including Best Record for Hello and Best Album for 25. But it was Beyoncé who stole the show, with an intense performance of two songs ‘Sandcastles’ and ‘Love Drought’ from her Lemonade album. Beyoncé won two of the nine awards she was nominated for, and many took to social media to profess their disappointment at her presumed […]

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Intimate Dining With Mark Hix and Special Guest Chefs

We all know London is a hubbub of restaurants to eat at, street kitchens to mingle at, and pop-ups to marvel at. You know the drill, you go to a restaurant, excited about the culinary creativity that awaits, but lo and behold, you have to wait (inwardly impatient) in an orderly queue for, well, ages. Sitting at your table, you struggle to hear your companion even though they’ve been squished uncomfortably close to you, and all you can think is: does it really have to be so loud? Chef Mark Hix has artfully solved both problems, presenting a series of intimate […]

Openings & Launches

Dirty Bones Opens in Soho

Soho is about to get dirty or maybe we should say dirtier… because this spring, Dirty Bones is arriving on Denman Street. It’s the fourth restaurant from the group (you’ll find the others at Kingly Court, Kensington Church Street and Club Row in Shoreditch) and will be keeping to the ethos of old school cool. Think strong cocktails, American comfort food and a cracking soundtrack of classic hip hop. Inside it’s going to be channelling the post-industrial chic look of the loft apartments in Brooklyn – in particular, areas known for their art and music like Bushwick and Williamsburg. When […]

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

LASSCO Bar and Dining Opens on Maltby Street

An architectural salvage warehouse may not be the obvious choice for a restaurant but LASSCO bar & dining don’t want to go with the crowd. Tucked away just off Maltby Street (home to our favourite foodie market), the venue is no stranger to food, having previously hosted a handful of fairy lit supper clubs, but is now shifting permanently to restaurant/bar status as friends and business partners Jerome Slesinski and James Knox Boothman move in. The duo met back in 2009 whilst working at the Royal Oak on Columbia Road Flower Market and will bring the same easy-going dining experience to […]

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

The Drum Online Media Awards 2017

Here at The Handbook, we are big believers in the exciting developments that come with online information. You know the drill, you get on the tube in the morning, coffee in hand, and scrawl through your phone. Articles are being shared across various platforms, from The Huffington Post and the BBC, saturating your newsfeed, telling you everything from current affairs to hilarious reactions to the Beyonce baby bombshell. You may consider these websites unbeatable, consistently breaking online news and information, but you’d be surprised to know, it can be the smallest sites that break the biggest news. That’s why we’ve […]

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Sacrifice Your Phone For Love at The Savoy

Phones at the dinner table. We are all guilty; whether it be for that crucial Instagram post, emails we have to respond to, or even just the tugging nag that we HAVE to check our phones at right this VERY minute. No matter how romantic, no dulcet music or flickering candlelight can hide the glare of a dozen phone screens. So, in the spirit of romance, this Valentine’s Day, Kaspar’s Seafood Bar and Grill at the Savoy is asking guests to relinquish their phones, encouraging couples to enjoy each other’s undivided attention. Upon arrival at the restaurant, diners will be […]

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The Hyde
Openings & Launches

The Hyde Opens at The Royal Park Hotel

It’s Friday so drinks are probably on your agenda – if they are then let us introduce you to The Hyde, a new bar opening at luxury boutique hotel The Royal Park. It’s the sort of place you go for drinks not draaaanks (there is of course a big difference); it’s elegant, traditional and cosy, with a grand open fireplace and plenty of character. Original period features will be joined by Georgian antiques, grey velvet chairs and banquettes and furniture made from old mahogany and rosewood. During the summer, they’ll be able to host cocktail parties and barbecues for up […]

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Who to Follow on Instagram: 16 Top Foodie and Fitness Influencers

Move over fashion influencers, it is now the foodies and fitness buffs that are gaining all the followers and getting all the likes. Keep up to date with all the latest food trends or hottest workouts; these are the people to follow… Food London is at the heart of the foodie scene – a restaurant opens everyday in London so it’s no surprise it is also home to some top foodie influencers. Gone are the days where you would have to rely on a catch up with friends to learn about these quirky pop-ups or the latest trend in food, it is […]

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Hungry Donkey

Hungry Donkey’s Vegetarian Menu Review: What We Thought

What: Hungry Donkey is a modern, Greek restaurant inspired by classic Greek street food, there is an emphasis on simplicity and responsibly-sourced ingredients. New? The restaurant opened in May 2015 so will shortly be celebrating its second birthday. Where? 56 Wentworth Street, Aldgate East, E1 7AL On the Menu: The menu features a host of traditional favourites like pork prasoselino (celery and leek slow-braised pork served with potato salad)  as well as catering for vegetarians and vegans. New vegetarian dishes on the main menu include feta bougiourdi (oven-baked feta cheese with tomatoes and paprika) and a roasted beetroot salad (candy beetroots […]

Openings & Launches

Bubblewrap Opens: The Next Instagram Sensation

It’s taken three rejected site offers, three sits falling through, two years of trading on weekend markets across London and catering for three festivals but next month Tony Fang will see Bubblewrap, the egg waffle company, finally moving into its first permanent home. Back in the 1950s egg waffles became a thing in Hong Kong as a way to use up broken eggs that couldn’t be sold – the name refers to the fact that it looks obviously like bubble wrap. They then get coated in all manner of toppings. We’re talking Matcha gelato, strawberry cheesecake gelato, fruit such as […]

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