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Best Brunches

The Brunch Where Champagne Arrives Via Your Own Personal Train

Chew chew! All aboard the Tattinger Express, a non-stopping service straight to your liver. Someone at Burger & Lobster has decided that the most efficient way to serve Champagne is to send it via trainset, and so for the restaurant’s new bottomless Champagne brunch they’ll be...

Best Brunches

There’s a Brand New Beauty and Beast Bottomless Brunch

When reviewing restaurants you always hope that the chef will read the article, and if they take onboard the feedback you gave about the chips not needing to be served in a mini deep fat fryer (whoever thought that was a good idea needs to have a word with themselves) then even better. What you...

Things to do With Kids

Frozen The Musical Is Coming To London

Let it go? Well, when it comes to this news we simply can’t – because it’s so darn exciting. Frozen the musical is coming to London and we can already hear the patter of tiny feet making their way to the front row, kids screeching the tunes at the top of their lungs and parents...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

The Incredible Intimate Theatre Experience At The Shard

An evening well spent is typically one where you’re elevated above London’s bustling streets and positioned sky-high, Champagne in hand. The Shard, one of London’s most iconic offerings, provides just that level of relaxation, with its plethora of foodie offerings, intimate dining...

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Seasonal & Celebrations

Keeping Mum: 50 Places To Go This Mothering Sunday

As Mother’s Day rolls around once more on the 31st of March, it’s time for a bit of love and appreciation for the woman who always finds your missing sock and sends you selfies that show just her eyebrow (millennials they are not)! From spa deals that are jammed full of R&R to...

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Awesome Afternoon Teas

This New Afternoon Tea Celebrates London’s Icons

I’ve always been a fan of gherkins – I’ll eat them out of the jar if I’m given a fork. I understand though that gherkins belong to the same family as sprouts, Marmite and the Kardashians, they’re divisive. What about a chocolate gherkin though? More specifically The Gherkin (30 St...

Seasonal & Celebrations

It’s Cherry Blossom Season And Here’s Where To Spend It

Surely one of the prettiest seasons, cherry blossom celebrations or Sakura will soon be taking place in Japan, blooming in the last week of March and the first two weeks of April in Kyoto (roughly between 20 March and 14 April). If you can’t make it to Japan to see the blossoms (you’d...

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The World’s Most Stylish Motels

There are times that Travelodge just won’t cut it. And those times are literally ALL of the time. But if you’re a ‘wherever I hang my hat, that’s my home’ type you nevertheless appreciate when the place you hang it is more than a ‘Formula Une’ on the...


Big News: Jason And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Returns

Any Jason won’t do for the return of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, because we want Jason Donavan only, and turns out our wishes have been granted. The colourful classic will see Jason return as popular role the Pharaoh, a part he played as a younger, blonder lad back in the...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

All The Game Of Thrones Stuff Going On Right Now

Winter is so nearly here, guys. I mean, is it just us or has winter been coming for, like, ever?! Well, not to fear, your lives are about to get well and truly taken over by Game of Thrones hype. Fan or not, you’ll be inundated with paraphernalia, quotes, spoiler alerts in the office and, it...

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