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Exmouth Grind Opens
Openings & Launches

Grind Opens in Exmouth Market

We’re going to make a prediction, we predict that given it’s Monday morning, you’ve already had one coffee – probably already thinking about your next. We say prediction but that is a pretty fair bet and if you’re in Exmouth Market then from tomorrow you’ll be able to get your coffee...

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Fall Off the Health Wagon at MEATLiquor

MEATliquor has been doing some research, they’ve been delving into our spending patterns and noticed that on the 30th January for the past three years there was a significant spike in the sales of the most calorific items and cocktails sold. Probably because after 30 days of healthy eating and...


The Breakfast Club Review: What We Thought

What: Popular breakfast destination with an American inspired menu. New? The Breakfast Club @ Canalside opened in April 2016 as part of the Here East complex which is home to other restaurants like vegan café, Mother, and Italian-American offering, Mason & Company. Where? 29 E Bay Lane...

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Valentine’s Day
Bars, Clubs & Drinks

Exclusive Valentine’s Day Dating at TRAMP

It’s almost February and you know what that means, Valentine’s Day and if you’re single you’re preparing yourself for the barrage from friends in couples. ‘Your problem is you’re too fussy/you aren’t ready/you aren’t looking properly.’ Great. None of it is particularly...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Party After Dark: Late Night Sessions at Som Saa

One of the most consistently reoccurring restaurants on Londoners’ bucket lists is som saa. If you’re still kicking yourself that you missed their pop-up in Climpson’s Arch or haven’t made the trip to their new-ish permanent site in Shoreditch yet then listen up – we’re about to...

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Ella Canta
Openings & Launches

Ella Canta Opens at InterContinental London Park Lane

This spring, Martha will be opening Ella Canta at the InterContinental London Park Lane. The name is Spanish for ‘she sings’, symbolising Martha’s passion and pride for cooking but also the fact that she champions Mexican cuisine and wants the whole world to know about it. London is certainly...

Experiences & Pop-Ups

Recharge and Reset Yoga Workshops With The Pros

January’s nearly over and although we’ve barely drunk and barely spent any money, we feel exhausted. Recharge your mind, body and soul at COMO Metropolitan London’s Recharge and Reset Yoga workshops; 2 days of wisdom, wellness and reflection. The workshop will be led by Kelly Brookes...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

The Blind Pig ‘Long and Short Great British Tails’ Menu

We bet you never thought you’d find your favourite childhood story in drink form. Well, it’s about to come true. Jason Atherton’s The Blind Pig is launching a new cocktail menu entirely inspired by classic children’s literature, with the new menu titled ‘Long and Short Great British...

Openings & Launches

Nape: The Cured Meat Bar Opens

Nape: the back of your neck, the English name for coppa a traditional cut of Italian pork salami made from the dry cured muscle running from the neck to the 4th or 5th rib of the pork shoulder and now a cured meat bar in South London. Starting life as a pop-up at the tail end of last year, Nape is...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Tom Sellers and Tom Aikens Co-host Dinners

Two top London Toms are teaming up this February to bring you a very special Michelin-starred tasting menu. It’ll be served up at Tom Sellers’ Restaurant Story, and he’ll be welcoming into his kitchen Tom Aikens, who taught Sellers the tricks of the trade when he started out more than a...

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