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A World First: The Cafe Taking Exercise as Payment

Let’s face it, it takes a special breed of person to not want some kind of reward after exercise. Be it a protein shake, bubble bath or burger (yep, we said it), it’s nothing new that rewards improve motivation and quite frankly, the bigger the reward the harder we’ll work. Although physical...

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Plot Opens in Tooting Market

They say Tooting is up and coming, but we reckon it’s beyond that, Tooting now has firmly established itself on London’s food scene and now bringing their restaurant to it are cousins Harry Smith and Mark Kimber. Setting up shop in Tooting’s Broadway Market, the fifteen-cover restaurant will...

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14 Top Ways to Stay Healthy This Month

January is a funny month really, on the one hand all we want to do is eat cheese, hibernate and wait for spring to emerge and on the other hand we’re told that we need to become brighter, shinier versions of ourselves. Tricky. We’re not saying you need to detox, but if you just want to...

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Openings & Launches

Fitzrovia’s Firedog Open

We’re going to let you in on a secret, there is brunch beyond avocado…we know, who’d have thought? Well the guys at Firedog do, the new Aegean inspired restaurant is opening in Fitzrovia and it’s going to have a strict ‘no avocado’ policy. Instead, Executive Chef George Notley will be...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Mezze Mondays at Dock Kitchen

It might be Friday today, but let’s talk about Mondays. We’re not just playing devil’s advocate when we say Monday is actually becoming one of our favourite days. Why? Because you’re allowed to be a little slack, you’re allowed to not have quite got over the weekend and because everyone...

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London Shell Co. Review: What We Thought

What? The work of sister and brother, Harry and Leah Lobek, London Shell Co is a permanent floating restaurant on the Regent’s Canal which specialises in seafood. New? Yes, it opened at the end of last year. Where?  The boat is moored at Sheldon Square, Paddington – if you visit in the evening...

Openings & Launches

Camm & Hooper Open Six Storeys on Soho

When Soho Square was first built in the seventeenth century it was home to just nine inhabitants including the Earl of Stamford and Duke of Monmouth – it was also called King’s Square originally, hence the statue of Charles II in the middle of the square. It’s had rather a bohemian, decadent...

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What to do This Weekend

What To Do This Weekend: 6th-8th January

You’ve done it, you’ve made it through the first week back! Granted it was only a four day week, but still the weekend is almost upon us again. Fill it with drinks and eating, whether you’re detoxing or just carrying on with the feasting and if you can’t let go of Christmas...

Openings & Launches

Kricket Opens in Soho

Starting life in a shipping container in Brixton, Indian restaurant, Kricket opened back in 2015 and quickly gained a loyal following of fans. Those who were after unpretentious dining, (you’re sitting in a shipping container, it isn’t going to be the most luxe really is it?), punchy Indian...

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London’s Only Private Rooftop Cinema Returns

The Christmas decorations are down and so is the mercury; leaving work when it’s 2 degrees outside has us wanting to head straight home and hygge. An evening of candles, hot water bottles and a movie sounds particularly appealing but if your new year’s resolution resembles something along the...

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