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Kew is launching a Children's Garden
Things to do Outdoors

No Kew-ing For This Paradise: Kew Launches Children’s Garden

Big kids rejoice – we can confirm the rumours are true! Kew is opening up an immense interactive children’s garden allowing you to run, jump, scream and shout, whether you are five or 55.  Spanning over the size of 40 tennis courts, children are encouraged to explore the wonderful ways of the natural elements and discover everything it takes for a plant to grow. Opening May 18th, the space is designed specially to teach ages two to 12-year-olds the importance of nature, with four areas dedicated to the natural elements; earth, air, sun and water.  Hidden treasures and adventures await amongst the […]

Bars, Clubs & Drinks

It Pays to be Kind: Give a Compliment and Get a Free G&T

Be At One is bringing a compliment booth to Covent Garden to spread happiness and give out free drinks all to mark the arrival of their four new venues in central London and the launch of their new ‘Blue Ticked’ G&T. If there was one thing that I would suggest everyone should do right now (apart from planting more trees and ditching single use plastic) it would be to up the kindness in the world with more compliments. It’s unlikely that you’re going to be able to solve climate change on your way to work and you probably aren’t going […]

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Have Dinner With The Actual Wolf Of Wall Street

We’re guessing that dwarf tossing, topless models and rampant drug abuse are not on the menu at M Restaurants next week, but what is is an intimate dinner with the actual Wolf of Wall Street. We’ve all seen the movie, where Leonardo di Caprio’s character, Jordan Belfort scams his way into Wall Street and proceeded to earn over $50m a year through fraudulent financial dealings. The shenanigans at his firm led to a Hollywood blockbuster, and the man behind the real story is sure to be equally compelling. Jordan Belfort built his company, Stratton Oakfield, around the simple ‘pump and dump’ […]

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Everything You Need To Know About The Ted Bundy Movie

It’s the movie we’ve all been waiting for after morbidly binging on the The Ted Bundy tapes on Netflix released earlier this year. Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile has been dominating the news cycle as of late, and we’re pretty terrified about Zac Efron’s uncanny similarities to the serial killer in the film. If you live in London and have an Instagram then you’ll probably have seen Efron’s been zipping about the city, with his peroxide blond locks rocking up on red carpets, in the back of taxis and even at the Tottenham v Brighton match. Yep, random, we know. […]

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dim sum on a plate with a bamboo leaf and chopsticks

Fatt Pundit: The Soho Restaurant Taking Over Insta Feeds

Soho’s Berwick Street is a treasure trove of creative and eclectic eateries, positioned just a wander away from the main drag of Oxford Circus, paved with a sea of shopping bag swingers making their way to their first G&T of the day. I, on the other, was fending through the masses to grab a seat at Fatt Pundit, a restaurant that has overwhelmed my social channels with its success since its March opening. The restaurant, which intertwines the flavours of India and China in its dishes (named Hakka), is positioned amongst others, fairly inconspicuously, and entry sees you whirled straight […]

Things to do Outdoors

Sun’s Out, (Burger) Buns Out: 8 Places To Picnic In London

Living in the UK comes with the expectation of very limited sunny climes, so it’s hardly surprising we flock to beaches or the nearest green space to make the most of the sporadic British sunshine when it comes our way. But, in the concrete jungle that is London, it can be hard trying to...

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What to do This Weekend

Hurrah For The Weekend: Here Are 10 Ways To Spend It

As the weekend rolls around once more, we’re here to help banish those bank holiday blues and show you that there’s still an abundance of awesome things to do. From whole festivals of food to ravishing rooftops, there’s something for one and all…...

Openings & Launches

All Of The Amazing April Openings

Lettuce celebrate, it’s April and there are loads of new kid on the block restaurants to have a gander at! The abundance of new spots are making our hearts beet faster because we’re just so eggcited. From Dougy Robertson’s uber green Embr Kitchen, to a cafe  opened by fashion...

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Seasonal & Celebrations

Are These The Best Steaks In London?

If tonight’s the night you’re looking for something succulent to put in your mouth and get your juices flowing, then have we got a line-up to suit? London has some of the world’s best steak restaurants, so here’s a selection of our absolute favourites.  

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