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The Middle: Tom Ellis at the Wallace Collection

Perhaps one of the most difficult things about living in such a dynamic and historic city as London is that too often we forget to appreciate the opportunities we have every day to experience London at its best. Tourists flock from all over the world just to get a taste of what we have at our...


Hop Aboard the London Love Bus

Dating, quite unfortunately, is often not near as enjoyable as we’d hope it to be. Far too many times do we surrender over our nights in the hopes of meeting someone special, only to have them wasted on an evening of awkward silences and dull conversation. What’s worse is the cost of...

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7 of London’s Best Vietnamese Restaurants

After a wave of Korean food sweeping London’s shores – think great street food from the likes of Busan BBQ, Old Street eatery On the Bab and Judy Joo’s Soho based Jinjuu – we thought The Handbook’s old faithful, good ol’ Vietnamese, deserved a little love. Here’s a round-up of where...

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Alfresco Cinema at Bluebird

The sun is finally out in London and the heatwave has begun which means there is no excuse to not be outdoors. We know the heat can often bring extremes, whether it makes you come alive and ready to take on the world or knackered and impatient. The latter would be understandable as there...

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The Griffin Inn Review – what we thought

New? The Griffin dates from the 16th century and the Pullan family have been at the helm since 1979. Where? Fletching, East Sussex, TN22 3SS, On the menu: A Modern European menu with strong influences from London’s famous River Café with which The Griffin has close...

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How to Live Like a Local in: Chiswick

There’s more to Chiswick than the High Road but it’s a good place to start. Live as the locals do and pop into Artisan for your morning coffee, No 197 Chiswick Fire Station for lunch and pick up a 20 inch pizza from Pizza Street for your dinner. That’s before we even start on riverside...

Openings & Launches

Clipstone: Portland’s Sister Restaurant

Cast your mind back to 2015, not that long ago, but so much has happened in 2016 it definitely feels much longer. Anyway if you keep up to date with your restaurant openings, which hopefully with us you do, then you’ll remember the opening of the critically acclaimed restaurant, Portland. Well...

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What To Do This Weekend: 22nd-24th July

The weekend is finally upon us and it’s about time to solidify your plans. After all, summer weekends are not to be wasted! We’ve searched far and wide to find the best things to fill your precious 48 hours and bring you the top ones here. Glide down a 100 metre water slide, gorge on some...

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

The Little Yellow Door’s Emoji Only Menu

Just when you thought the millennials had outdone themselves with the return of the beloved 90s franchise, Pokemon, in the form of Pokemon Go, we discovered something that will trump it: an Emoji Only Menu. The culprits behind it, The Little Yellow Door, will transform the appearance of their...

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Celeb News

Top Celebrity Hangouts

When it comes to dinner parties and the classic ‘Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met?’ question comes up, are you the person who always seems to have just missed the celebrity, casually hanging out on the street? Us too, but now you can stay ahead of the game with our...

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