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Social Pantry’s Sipper Club

No our title doesn’t have a spelling mistake… Social Pantry have joined forces with Handbook favourites, Sipsmith Gin, to host an evening of food and Sipsmith gin cocktails. So you see what they’ve done with the title now?  Taking place on the 14th April at Social Pantry’s café in...


Tibits review – what we thought

New?  No it has been going for 15 yearsWhere? 12-14 Heddon St, London W1B 4DA On the menu: A selection of vegetarian and vegan foodFirst Impressions: Hidden in a courtyard, it offers some slight calm from the hustle and bustle of Regent’s Street a few feet away.The Look: Casual...

Celeb News

Charity Success Stories

Charity success stories: How celebrity endorsement makes all the difference Whether philanthropists like to admit it or not, the world of NGOs and charity appeals is competitive, with individuals, local charitable causes and multinational organisations all vying for the public’s attention and...

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MeatLiquor N1 Review – what we thought

New?  No, there are several MeatLiquors across London and further afield like BrightonWhere? 133B Upper St, London N1 1QP www.meatliquor.comOn the menu: Burgers, hotdogs and fries – there is a salad, but just one. First Impressions: In short, it’s hard to find. We scaled the street a...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Dine Amongst Japanese Cherry Blossoms… in Mayfair

Skies are blue and blossom is in full bloom. Almost. Whilst in London this tends to be met with the digging out of Spring wardrobes and the occasional moan about April showers, in Japan the annual falling of cherry blossom marks the period of Sakura. Japanese fine dining spot Sake No Hana (part of...

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7 Places to Get Your Caffeine Fix

London is fuelled by a passive-aggressive charge that gets us through the commute, cocktails that get us through the evening and a hopeful optimism that the weekend is in sight from Wednesday. At the top of that though, the saviour of our day is of course coffee. Londoners know good coffee. Since...


Sunday Feasts at Dickie Fitz

Sundays are all about relaxing, putting your feet up and doing as little as physically possible. After a long, hard week at work and presumably seeing a few friends on Saturday (or maybe spending the first day of the weekend unable to move due to the events of the night before), Sunday is the one...

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Bars, Clubs & Drinks

London’s Most Unusual Watering Hole

Baths are very divisive; there are those who swear by them, those who hate them, and very little in between. I personally have never been a fan but if my bath was to be converted into a bar, the game would most certainly be changed and I reckon you’d have a hard time getting me out of...

Seasonal & Celebrations

The Queen’s 90th Birthday Tea At The Goring

1926 was an eventful year. A quick search will tell you that it was the year Winnie The Pooh was first published, the year the television was first demonstrated to the public and the year the great illusionist Harry Houdini sadly passed away. For a vast majority of people, these events happened...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

8 of the Best Family Friendly Restaurants

If white tablecloths and quiet, civilised conversation fill you with dread then check out our guide to some of the best family-friendly restaurants in London – FAR more exciting than colouring pencils and a mini chef’s hat. And because we are calling them ‘family’-friendly and not...

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