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An Evening With the Rogue Trader

If you work in finance, seen the film Rogue Trader or even just read the news, then chances are you’ll have heard of Nick Leeson. If not here’s a quick recap; he was a young guy from an ordinary background who ended up living as a gambler and then a trader, unfortunately a rogue trader and it was this unchecked gambling that managed to bring down Britain’s oldest merchant bank as he racked up losses of over £830 million. On Tuesday 10th May Nick Leeson will be talking frankly at Bar20 about his gambling, his stint in a Frankfurt jail, […]

What to do This Weekend

10 Most Popular Theatre Shows

Whether you’re a London local or just a tourist passing by, there really is no reason for giving a theatre production a pass, with so many options available there is something for everyone. We have teamed up with some of capital’s most popular theatre shows currently running to offer our readers special discounted tickets not available anywhere else.

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Social Pantry’s Sipper Club

No our title doesn’t have a spelling mistake… Social Pantry have joined forces with Handbook favourites, Sipsmith Gin, to host an evening of food and Sipsmith gin cocktails. So you see what they’ve done with the title now?  Taking place on the 14th April at Social Pantry’s café in Lavender Hill the sipper club is a must for any gin aficionado and if people’s Instagram/Twitter/Happn/Bumble bios are anything to go by that is pretty much the whole of the London population.  The menu created by Social Pantry founder Alex Head will feature dishes such as gin and juniper cured salmon […]

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Tibits review – what we thought

New?  No it has been going for 15 yearsWhere? 12-14 Heddon St, London W1B 4DA On the menu: A selection of vegetarian and vegan foodFirst Impressions: Hidden in a courtyard, it offers some slight calm from the hustle and bustle of Regent’s Street a few feet away.The Look: Casual dining space with a large food boat where all the food is on display, downstairs is a more intimate (and romantic) dining space that seems to be for locals in the know of its existence rather than tourists in the main area.What We Ate: The menu available on the day is […]

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Celeb News

Charity Success Stories

Charity success stories: How celebrity endorsement makes all the difference Whether philanthropists like to admit it or not, the world of NGOs and charity appeals is competitive, with individuals, local charitable causes and multinational organisations all vying for the public’s attention and a portion of their pocket money. So how do charities get themselves noticed? How do they go from being a local organisation to a worldwide name, managing millions of pounds of donations? Like all businesses, brand, recognition and outreach are exceedingly important to not-for-profit fundraising success. There are a few occasional extraordinary success stories where small-scale charity fundraising […]

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What To Do This Weekend: 8th – 10th April

It’s Thursday which basically means it’s the weekend, have you got your plans sorted yet? You haven’t? Well good thing you’re reading this then because we’ve rounded up some of the best events this week that you can’t miss, whether you’re looking for a bit of culture, a whole lot of coffee or one of the most unique brunches we’ve seen.

Openings & Launches

Tom Sellers Opens Restaurant Ours

His website says ‘just the guy who cooks the food’ but what food it is, his first restaurant, Restaurant Story received its first Michelin star just five months after it opened – impressive.  We are of course talking about Tom Sellers and this month will see the opening of Restaurant Ours on Brompton Road. The 120 seat restaurant will be occupying the site that was once The Collection, a vast, dramatic space with a mezzanine level and one of the longest bars in London, but all hidden behind a rather unassuming door.  Whilst details are still under wraps what we […]

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Sunday Feasts at Dickie Fitz

Sundays are all about relaxing, putting your feet up and doing as little as physically possible. After a long, hard week at work and presumably seeing a few friends on Saturday (or maybe spending the first day of the weekend unable to move due to the events of the night before), Sunday is the one chance we really get to relax. Unless, of course, you’re charged with the task of cooking up a Sunday roast for yourself and the rest of your family, housemates or whoever it may be. Eating copious amounts of delicious food on a Sunday lunchtime is […]


Drive-in Film Club

Remember those old-school, American movies where people go on dates to drive-in film showings? Think Grease-meets-The Flintstones; a field of vintage cars, retro popcorn and one giant screen. And it’s not in California, it’s happening right here in London. What we’re saying is that your childhood film fantasy has now become a reality. Alexandra Palace has opened its grounds to screen your favourite movie classics on an awesome 40-foot screen. Pulp Fiction, Star Wars: Force Awakens, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Notebook… they’re all here. But the best (and most authentic) of all: Grease sing-a-long.  There may not be a […]

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Openings & Launches

Counter Culture: The Dairy’s Younger Brother

We asked people to tell us what they thought about Clapham, that area south of the river which usually steals your Saturday night. The usual suspects came up – Infernos, the common, Clapham Junction, graduates, rugby boys, beer, that fried chicken shop. Some people couldn’t get enough, some people couldn’t get further enough away; but two places that kept being mentioned and were unanimously praised: The Dairy and The Manor. Owned by Sarah and Robin Gill, the restaurants have developed a cult following of loyal diners in Clapham and beyond. Following on from their success they took things East and […]

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