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This Is A Pop-Emergency: Here’s How To Get Madonna Tickets…

What are you doing next Friday morning? No you’re not – cancel it, this is a pop emergency. Madonna has announced a series of London concerts and you’re going to be furiously refreshing a glitchy Ticketmaster page trying to get tickets. Here’s how to make it go smoothly. The...

Things to do Outdoors

Dodge The Tourists: 6 Hidden Hideouts In London

Being in London has both its perks and sadly, sometimes downfalls. The perks come with the fact that there are never-ending opportunities and places to explore scattered across all parts of the city. The downside? These places can be crammed full with tourist after tourist which is why we’ve...


MPs Unveil The Futuristic New House Of Commons

One of the most traditional institutions in the world, up there with, say, Stone Henge for embracing change, has got a whole new vibe planned when they finally vacate the Houses of Parliament for the building’s refit, and it looks genuinely futuristic.While parliament undergoes its £4bn...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Get Your Strap On At These Five Posh Sex Parties

Birthday parties, leaving parties, engagement parties, sex parties; they’re all just parties, right? Okay, you’d hope for less bodily fluid at a colleague’s leaving party, but still, it’s all in the same ball park. I mean, I got a leaflet through from the Brexit Party...

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What to do This Weekend

Weekend, We’ve Missed You!

Bank holiday flew by faster than Concorde, but don’t worry chaps, we’ve got another one coming up oh, so soon (umm, why does May have so many bank holidays?!) This weekend, we’re making up for the fact that it’s not a three-dayer by squashing loads of fun stuff to do into 48...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Floral Frenzy: Chelsea In Bloom 2019

If you’ve been reading The Handbook over the last few weeks, you’ll know how floral mad we’ve gone – from floral rooftops to wisteria hysteria, we’ve covered it all. We aren’t the only ones who have gone mad over this floral frenzy either, it’s splattered...


Have You Ever Dreamt Of Having Your Own Food Business?

Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a Michael Roux Jr? Do you think Alain Ducasse is old news? Are you certain you can pan-sear salmon better than Rick Stein? You’ve come to the right place! Le Cordon Bleu London, founded in Paris all the way back in 1895, is a stickler for culinary prowess, as the...

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Lettuce Show You How To Do National Veggie Week Right

What was once thought a hippy-style craze is certainly no longer – vegetarianism and veganism is taking the whole world by storm, endorsed by A-list celebrities including Ariana Grande, Liam Hemsworth and even Kim Kardashian has said she eats plant-based at home. Finding a balance between...


Prince Brian? Harry And Meghan Have A Baby, But We Don’t Know The Name Yet!

The Brexit talks are back on in Whitehall, global stock-markets are tumbling after Donald did a tweet and North Korea’s testing missiles again, but there’s only one story in town: Harry and Meghan have had a baby! And, spoiler alert for anyone holding out for series 8 of The Crown...

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Health & Wellness

12 Seriously Lush Spas

Are you worn out? Feeling run down? Maybe you’ve got kids who are giving you the runaround or a tricky boss who’s always on your back? You know what you need? To win the lottery, quit your job and go to Barbados. But that’s not very likely. But what you can do is book into a spa...

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