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A Huge Alice in Wonderland Exhibition is Coming to London

Get out your calendars and mark June 2020 because it just became one of the most anticipated months of next year. More than 150 years after Lewis Carroll wrote his beloved book following Alice down the rabbit hole, the Victoria and Albert Museum is launching a grand exhibit dedicated to Alice in Wonderland. Yahoo! Where did the idea for Alice in Wonderland come from? What are the hidden meanings behind the characters? Where could her story lead next? Explore some of the biggest questions and lose yourself in this breathtaking experience based on the famous tale. Join the Mad Hatter, […]

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Spring Into Summer With This New Poké And Spritz Menu

Now the warm weather has finally graced the city, we’re itching to find new foodie menus that won’t leave us feeling too full and drowsy. And we’re in luck! The Connaught Bar will be fuelling us Londoner’s through the summer with their new poké and spritz menu, yippee! Set in the beating heart of Mayfair, The Connaught Bar is tucked away in the luxurious hotel, The Connaught. And they’ve certainly been busy building themselves a reputation, now known worldwide for their signature martinis. So you betcha the new menu defo has some living up to do, and oh does it! Their new light poké […]


These Summer Serves Will Have You On Cloud Wine

Ooo, summer. The birds are a’ tweeting, nostalgic odours of freshly cut grass tickle our nostrils and… and… ACHOO. Yep, not to forget there’s a whole load of hay fever to go around! But, putting all of that to one side, let’s not forget what really makes summer oh, so splendid. It’s the tipple that has tickled taste buds since circa 2000 BC that comes in a tapestry of colours, and tastes flipping marvellous. That’s right – wine. Lots and lots of wine! It’s the libation that we never lose lust for and, if you read on, you’ll discover some […]

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Southern States That Y’all Gonna Love

If you’re a frequent traveller you’ve almost certainly experienced the bright lights of the Big Apple, sunbathed on palm-lined Floridian shores and marvelled at the cinematic wonders of LA. But if you’re up for a real adventure, there’s way more in store for you than the obvious tourist...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Grab The Monet And Go: London Restaurants With Remarkable Art

London restaurants: how great thou art! London has the best art galleries in the world, fact, but you don’t have to wander round an airless Victorian rooms to enjoy some of the world’s best art, plenty of the restaurants and bars in town also have incredible artworks on the walls. So...

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What to do This Weekend

23 Wondrous Weekend Ideas

Do you ever just blink and it’s the weekend? Nope, that never happens to us either… we live every moment of the overflowing inbox and tedious work tasks. Tssk! Yet, the weekend has arrived and this one is a whopper. From strawbs and cream for the Wimbledon final, to sunset dining and...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Want To Win Instagram? Head To Fendi Caffe At Harrods

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an influencer in possession of a large following must be in want of a new, highly fashionable, coffee and cakes shop, ideally from a leading fashion house. And while there’s nothing like posting pics of an expensive Italian fashion brand to absolutely rake in the Insta likes, a Fendi bag will set you back three grand; which is where Fendi Caffe at Harrods comes in… a Machiato and cutesy bag biscuit will only set you back £4.75. Instant Insta fame on a budget. Fendi Caffe is the next cataclysmic influencer magnet, if your […]

Experiences & Pop-Ups

7 London Escape Rooms That’ll Boggle Your Mind

Escape rooms are popping up everywhere these days, and judging by the reaction to the new Buckingham Palace escape experience, it’s clear this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s worth noting that London is full of these brain-exercising wonders, though, just in case you aren’t...

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Where Can I Watch Wimbledon On A Big Mahoosive Screen?

Wimbledon is made for the big screen. Even people AT actual Wimbledon are huddled on Murray Mount to watch the action as it happens on a massive screen. London has gone bats (rackets, surely?) for Wimbledon and it’s only natural that we’d all want to find a few million pixels of big...

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