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Beaufort House’s 5th Anniversary Party

Favourite hangout for the cool kids of Chelsea, Beaufort House is the place to go for a change of scene and home from home atmosphere. A Super Detox smoothie post-workout or a bigger spread of Loch Fyne smoked salmon and scrambled eggs make it somewhere equally as appealing midweek as it is on a lazy Sunday. Don’t get the wrong impression though, Beaufort House love parties as much as they love chilled weekends. And no party is as good as your own, so when they turn 5 in a few weeks it is sure to be a great night. Not […]

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Royal Marines Boxing Bout at Café Royal

If our birthday falls midweek we can justify going for dinner with close friends on the night and then, come the weekend, drinks and a night out with the extended friendship group. If you’re the Queen you also have two celebrations; her actual birthday on 21st April and her official birthday in June. They have royalty in their name so it comes at no surprise that Café Royal are celebrating their 150th anniversary with a whole series of glitzy events. For one night only, specially selected members of the Royal Marines will jump in a specially built ring for a […]


Ibérica Review – What We Thought

I have a new favourite restaurant. An adventurous diner, I love all types of cuisine but also believe that there is a time and a place for a lot of restaurants – sometimes you want formality, sometimes candlelit intimacy and sometimes only liveliness will do. Somehow, Ibérica fits into all these categories – I’m actually struggling to think of an occasion that it wouldn’t be appropriate for. Visiting the brand spanking new Victoria restaurant, Ibérica’s fifth in London (there’s also one in Manchester), on a Friday evening I thought it may have been a bit of a corporate environment, especially […]

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

House of Crab Pop-Up

We all know how much London loves lobster, along with burgers, hotdogs and doughnuts it’s amassed a bit of a cult following with pop-ups and restaurants dedicated to the crustacean. However there is one crustacean that is feeling rather left out – the humble side stepping crab. This definitely doesn’t seem right when the UK has some of the best in the world.   Do not fear however because there is a crab saviour in sight, Dominic Jacob and the team behind The Running Horse (Mayfair’s oldest pub) are bringing a taste of Salcombe to Mayfair with their pop-up, House […]

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Off Piste Terrace at Plateau

Outdoor pop-ups aren’t just for summer, no siree.  Sure in the summer you can bask in the sunshine, but in the winter you can snuggle up against the cold (great date option, just saying) and where better than Plateau? They’re bringing Alpine chic to their terrace with their Off Piste winter terrace. Vintage ski props will decorate the terrace and furry blankets will be there for said snuggling. You’ll be able to order indulgent dishes from the grill menu or warm your insides with hot toddies and winter cocktails. It’s right next to the Canada Square ice rink, so we […]

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Openings & Launches

The Orange Elephant Opens

We once read that having more choice actually makes us less happy and that having to choose from several things can actually cause stress – we all know the dilemma of being in a restaurant wanting 5 things on the menu, not knowing what to choose, worrying we’re going to get food envy or make the wrong decision and so we end up choosing a burger everywhere we go. Well Orange Elephant which is opening on Fulham Road is going to get rid of that stress because there is no menu. Instead they will be serving up 12oz sirloin steak […]


8 Top Bars in London for Gin Cocktails

Sometimes even we can get overwhelmed by the choice of bars on our doorstep, all promising the best ingredients, expert mixologists and the slickest/funnest/most glamorous surroundings. This is the exact reason that some are more appropriate than others at different times and for different occasions. The purpose for this guide? The best bars for gin. The Handbook have caught up with Bloom Gin to get their lowdown on the best places to get gin cocktails in London. Lightly floral, Bloom is as happy in cocktails as it is in a good old G&T’s, so here are 8 of the best bars in […]

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

10 of the Best Places for Sharing Plates

For times when you’re feeling indecisive or maybe just greedy but ordering multiple dishes on the menu would be frowned upon, welcome to the world of sharing platters, tapas and full on feasts. Sharing is not only welcomed at these restaurants but it is actively embraced – no more food envy. Just make sure you go with a fair group of friends. Seven chips each please…

Bars, Clubs & Drinks

Spirit Social Winter Series

Duppy Share, the relatively new kid-on-the-rum-block, are hosting a series of three pop-up events this winter, all part of The Spirit Social Winter Series. Since their launch in Summer 2014, Duppy Share have made a big name for themselves on the spirit scene and have already won Gold and Silver awards with The Spirits Business. We’re no rum expert but we know a good thing when we see one. Not satisfied with their own early success, they have selected some of the best new spirits to join them at these three events, held at the Maxilla Social Club in Notting […]

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Blues Kitchen Brixton review – what we thought

Blues Kitchen in Brixton – the newly opened 3rd venue from Blues Kitchen – has that laid back, easy going vibe that is readily welcomed on a Friday evening after a week of being in the office. It’s dimly lit with music playing and the bar clear, ready for an evening of drinking while the dining area is situated further down the venue. They’ve chosen the perfect location with Brixton which is already known for its rich street culture and the friendly atmosphere is felt straight away. The menu has typical dishes that you would expect from a Southern menu […]

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