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Health & Wellness

The Sky-High Wellness Series We Actually Want To Try

Over the whole ‘new year, new me?’ Us too. We’re not here to overhaul ourselves in the bleakest time of the year. We’re here just to be and to embrace self-care in these winter months. Whilst we fully intend to hibernate for most of the month, we will be stepping outside to make the most of...

Best Brunches

6 New Brunches That’ll Shatter Your Resolutions

You’ve carefully measured out lentils all week, your mouth hasn’t seen a single percentage point of alcohol since the clock struck midnight over a week ago. And what now? A bottomless brunch, that’s what’s now. You KNOW it makes sense. Picture it, you’re tucking into...


The 2019 Films We’re Stoked About

With the cold finally setting in (I’m typing this in fingerless gloves, y’all), there’s one place where you’re guaranteed to stay warm for at least an hour and a half, where you can buy a two gallon bucket of Diet Coke, pick’n’mix and some of the most expensive...

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Your 2019 Horoscope (Sort Of)

It’s a new year and so we consulted Me, a renowned medium (except H&M, where I’m sometimes an L), to bring you your 2019 horoscope. After all, why put so much effort into determining your own future, when I can just sit down with a Magic 8 Ball, a pint of cider and one of those...

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Bath Ups Its Foodie Game With The Arrival Of These Culinary Giants

In recent years, the South West of England has gained attention because of its so called ‘comedy’ accents epitomised by Kerry Mucklowe, Vicky Pollard and Hot Fuzz. Of course, those of us who live here know that there is so much more to us than being gurt lush. So does Discover England who has...

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Health & Wellness

Your January Fitness Survival Guide

It’s the phrase murmuring on everyone’s lips, “new year, new me” and yet working off those excess sprouts and Yorkshire puds from the festivities can be a hard state of affairs come January. Alas, we’re making it easier for you by providing sure fire ways to get the...

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

The Michelin Stars Of Veganuary

If the thought of a diet of rabbit food and vegetables makes you feel that Veganuary is insurmountable, then think again. Here’s a selection of restaurants where you can expect only the best vegan food, guaranteed to be tasty and certified by the people over at French tyre manufacturer...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Veganuary’s BACK! Check Out These Restaurants Going Vegan

Everyone’s least favourite portmanteau after Brexit is back again! The word may grate like fingernails on a blackboard, but otherwise there’s not much to dislike about Veganuary. Whether you’ve dedicated your January to telling people that you’ve ‘gone vegan’ or...


The Dating App You Need to Know About That isn’t Tinder

2018 was a year to remember for better or worse: Trump continued to happen, Brexit continued to out Brexit itself, and Tinder Thumb became an actual medical problem striking down many a bored singleton. But as the old saying goes, it’s quality over quantity and we just don’t have the time...

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Health & Wellness

Break A Sweat At These 14 London Gyms

New year, new you, right? Except a glance tummy-wards after a fortnight of post-Christmas indulgence and the ‘new’ you is probably half a stone of mince pies. No matter, these gyms will get you toned in time for Valentine’s. And in luxury too…...

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