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Things to do With Kids

Frozen The Musical Is Coming To London

Let it go? Well, when it comes to this news we simply can’t – because it’s so darn exciting. Frozen the musical is coming to London and we can already hear the patter of tiny feet making their way to the front row, kids screeching the tunes at the top of their lungs and parents wishing the movie had never, ever been invented… The musical is set to open in the West End in 2020 based on 2013’s very successful film, seeing kiddos in the back of cars swapping “are we there yet,” with LET IT GOOOO! March last year saw […]

Experiences & Pop-Ups

The Incredible Intimate Theatre Experience At The Shard

An evening well spent is typically one where you’re elevated above London’s bustling streets and positioned sky-high, Champagne in hand. The Shard, one of London’s most iconic offerings, provides just that level of relaxation, with its plethora of foodie offerings, intimate dining spaces and creative cocktails – but how about immersive theatre? Often not the first thing that comes to mind when conjuring up images of The Shard, I was in awe of the latest revelation that the stalwart London staple had produced a Theatre In The Clouds experience in Shangri-La Hotel. The intimate extravaganza comes as a result of […]

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Chew Chew! The Michelin Starred Chefs Going On The Rails

Some things are just quintessentially British; football hooligans tearing apart a Spanish café, Jacob Rees-Mogg spouting off about poor people, losing at cricket or losing at Brexit. But nothing beats eating on a train. And not a gently defrosted sausage roll on the delayed Virgin service to somewhere ghastly up north. No, proper eating. We’re talking silver-service dining on deep plush seats gazing out onto the rolling British countryside while the tracks clickerty-clack beneath you and somewhere in the distance the locomotive chuff chuffs its way toward a viaduct. And that’s where Belmond British Pullman comes in. Belmond British Pullman are the world’s […]

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

The Most Instagrammable Restaurants In London

A recent study found London to be the most Instagrammed capital city in the world – take that, Paris! Whilst Hyde Park nabs the top spot, there are certainly restaurants that we consider worthy of a ‘gram, be it a dish plated up like a work of art, particularly cool interior design or just a good old brunch. Here is our pick of the most photogenic destinations in London that will have you reaching for your phone. After all, if it isn’t caught on camera, did it really happen?

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Openings and News

More And More Pinkness, Peggy Porschen Opens In Chelsea

Fans of the colour pink will be out in force on the King’s Road now there’s a new focus for your Instagramming madness. Peggy Porschen, a magnet for influencers, has opened on the King’s Road and it’s going to be ALL over your Insta feed. Oh, and the cakes and coffee are pretty good too. The cafe is opening in stages, with stage one already complete (get lots of Instagrammers in for sweet treats and drinks). The second stage, will see the achingly stylish cafe ramp things up with a full savoury menu later this year. But for now we’re […]


The World’s Best Motels

There are times that Travelodge just won’t cut it. And those times are literally ALL of the time. But if you’re a ‘wherever I hang my hat, that’s my home’ type you nevertheless appreciate when the place you hang it is more than a ‘Formula Une’ on the...

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Spice, Spice, Baby: Tamarind Mayfair Gets A Sexy Refurb

India is a country I’m yet to visit but I live vicariously through the fragrant spice and punchy flavours of its marvellous cuisine that has graced our city. Tamarind in Mayfair is a stalwart member of London’s ever-evolving Indian cuisine influence and I had the pleasure of delving into its complex creations, after a lengthy closure and refurbishment. Tamarind was the very first Indian restaurant to pin a Michelin-star proudly to its chest and, as a result, has held a position of prominence and high-end notoriety since, with glamorous city-dwellers wandering in for a hint of India. Despite holding such […]


We Get Savaged By This Rooftop Restaurant

The hype at Savage Garden is all about debauchery, from devil-horned cocktails and black-dyed food to sexy DJs and darkened rooms – the stuff of a Marilyn Manson wet dream, when he’s not dreaming about removing ribs and gyrating on stage in a leather thong that is. Savage Garden, under the veil of darkness, definitely has a kind of we-could-get-into-trouble-here vibe; it’s dimly lit and there is loud music pumping from a purposefully chosen young, blonde DJ that certainly doesn’t harm the aesthetic. It’s an ideal date spot my taken plus one notes casually, it’s not the first time I’ve […]

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The Lakeside Paradise You’ll Never Want To Leave

Take a drive for 45 minutes south east of Reno, come off the interstate 580 and you will head up the winding roads through the Mount Rose Wilderness in the shadow of the rounded peak of Mount Houghton. You might stop en route for a night to recover at one of the geothermal spas that line the highway, from which you can take in the cool evening air in a hot tub with a glass of Californian pinot noir. Back on the road, and as your ears pop, you will appreciate the startling transition from the glorious flat yellow desert […]

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