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5 Thrilling Immersive Experiences To Book Now

By day you might sit idly at your computer screen crunching in numbers or scrolling the sidebar of shame, but by night you’re solving murder cases, your escaping out of prison vans and you’re learning the art of espionage. Here are five thrilling immersive experiences that you need to...


Like Marie Kondo, But With Vagina Steaming… Gwyneth Paltrow’s Coming To Netflix

If you’re a super-fan of Sliding Doors or you’ve ever put a crystal up your va-jay-jay, then you’re in for a treat. Everyone else, get ready for some serious eye-rolling. They’ve only gone and given Goop its own TV show. Netflix has partnered with Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s nutty health (ish) and lifestyle magazine, to produce a series of 30-minute shows extolling the virtues of Paltrow’s barmy, sometimes outright dangerous, alternative medical ideas. And people are going to get angry. Real angry. Expect to see all the classics. Popular Goop articles include medical advice unlikely to get past the GMC, like […]

Health & Wellness

16 Of London’s Best Comfort Food Restaurants

Life is all about balance, some days you’re going to drink coconut water, go to HIIT and eat healthily. Other days, you’re going to be fuelled on hot chocolate, down coffee like it’s going out of fashion, and seek out all of life’s most comforting comfort foods. That’s the beauty of life, and when you’re having one of those days, try one of these restaurants:

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Rooftops and Terraces

Landmark Buildings You Can Actually Eat In

London is a city that abounds in iconic buildings, places seared into your memory since childhood. From Buckingham Palace to Big Ben, from the Tower of London to The Shard, even people who’ve never been here know London like they’ve lived here all their lives. They say that you’ve...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

ALL The February Pop-Ups

January’s over (thank goodness), and now we think it’s time for some well deserved fun! So, without further ado, we’re inviting you to enjoy a range of pop-ups that’ll have you drinking away dry Jan, eating away your New Year’s resolutions and then fitting in the odd...


There’s Nothing Tame About Wild Food Cafe’s Menu

A few crumpets away from committing carbicide, I was in desperate need of some vegetables. Enter Wild Food Cafe and their impressive plant-based menu.

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

The Cat’s Out The Bag…

The internet’s gone into meltdown. What’s going on with Gordon Ramsay’s latest headshot? Twitter is abuzz with speculation; is it simply the light? Is he actually a superhero? Perhaps he’s a ‘furry’? Given the angriest man in Scotland’s propensity for f-word laden borderline workplace bullying (‘Are you a idiot sandwich?’), our personal theory is that the chef is actually a werwolf. But he’s keeping it on the downlow in case the council’s hygiene unit close him down. Something's coming… — Gordon Ramsay (@GordonRamsay) January 31, 2019 But it turns out that none of us was right, he’s actually touting […]

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The Sinfully Good Holborn Restaurant That Everyone Is Talking About

Opening at the tail-end of last year, L’Oscar, Holborn’s new boutique hotel has been described as the hottest thing to have happened in the area recently and the jewel in the ornate crown is The Baptist Bar & Grill. Having heard good things, we headed over to see if the rumours were true. And we can say, we think they’re right. Here are the top reasons you need to add it to your London  restaurant bucket list. They’ve Given a Neglected London Building a New Purpose The hotel has made its home in a former Grade II-listed Baptist church, chances […]

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Health & Wellness

Gut Feelings: 5 Ways To Improve Your Digestive Health

The Handbook caught up with Julie Montagu and chatted all things gut! Trust us, it’s a real hot topic and one we think you should delve into with an open mind in order to improve the way you treat your digestive system. Julie an internationally recognized yoga instructor, nutrition expert, published author, and the creator of Whole Self. Her platform Whole Self discusses a range of ways to keep on top of your health in order to feel your best you. Digestive system health is a hot topic right now as more people are waking up to how they can take […]

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Who Ate It Best: New York Vs. London

When I made the decision to venture across the pond, I knew that major lifestyle changes would need to take place. I was quick to trade my heavy parka in for a rain slicker, abandon my gridlike sense of direction as I soon learned that there is no such thing as “uptown and downtown” here, and...

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