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Annabel and Emily Lui prove to be the ultimate sister dream team as they prepare for the opening of their second dreamy bakery, Cutter & Squidge, at The Royal Exchange. The pair joined forces and succeeded in carrying out their true childhood passion of owning a bakery together.
Openings & Launches

Pretty Sweet! A New Peggy Porschen And Cutter & Squidge To Open

Baked cakes and biskies and brownies oh my! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you are going to want to check out the newest sweet treats in town. Whether you are surprising your significant other with a fondue kit for two or splurging on an array of cupcakes to eat at home with the girls, Cutter & Squidge and Peggy Porschen’s little sister venue are two hot spots that are opening just in time for the season of love. Annabel and Emily Lui prove to be the ultimate sister dream team as they prepare for the opening of their […]


7 Reasons To Visit Australia’s Sunshine Coast

Straya! The land of kangaroos, unwavering sunshine, beaches made of gold, shrimps being thrown on barbies, and accents like ours but just slightly cooler. To escape the humdrum of a cold and wet England over the Christmas period I jetted off to Australia’s Sunshine Coast; a place that resembles what we think of when we conjure up pictures of Paradise. December saw temperatures soaring up to 30°C and saw me donning the sunnies, an itsy-bitsy yellow polka dot number and posting photos in their bucketloads to make all my shivering Engish pals “well jel.” It also saw me uncovering a […]

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

7 Of The Most Sustainable Restaurants

My diet may not be sustainable (I had thirds of pudding yesterday!), but it sure as well can be sustainable. Sustainability flies in the face of much of the food industry’s direction of travel; seasonability is merely a notion where all food stuff is a short flight or a refrigerated container away. Provenance is hardly important if your only goal is to waffle down a dopamine hit. But for those of us who care about the planet, about what we’re putting into our bodies and the environment it comes from, then sustainable restaurants are suddenly very attractive. So here are […]

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UPDATED: These Are Our Fears About Stockpiling

My mother-in-law’s started stockpiling Say what? Beans, tuna, long-life-milk, stock cubes, pasta, teabags basically anything that expires after 2020 Wow, she must be a real Olympics fan No, not that. She’s preparing for Brexit Okaaay… Because everything could run out, If there’s no deal, I mean Bizarrely, she could actually be onto something, with news reports yesterday suggesting that Sainsbury’s is expecting bare shelves in the case of no deal So should I be bulk-buying Haribo? Well, let’s see. Firstly it depends on the Prime Minister’s deal… Deal Or No Deal! Aw, poor Noel… We’ve hit Crinkly Bottom. So the PM’s […]

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We Review: Lucy Watson’s Restaurant Tell Your Friends

What: Remember Lucy Watson from Made in Chelsea? The former reality star with a Marmite personality is a passionate vegan and foodie who has written her own vegan cookbooks and owns a popular restaurant with her sister, fellow vegan and former MIC star, Tiffany Watson. New? Tell Your Friends opened in May 2018, which seemed like a natural progression for Lucy after her successful cookbooks, and whose father is the executive chairman of the successful City Pub Company. Where? For a show called Made in “Chelsea” you’d be surprised at how much of the filming takes place in the surrounding […]

Experiences & Pop-Ups

The Secret Underground You Need To Write Home About

Miniature things are cute. Fact! No literally, it is a fact that we, as humans, have a tendency to find small things incredibly cute due to a pandering towards nature and the way in which it makes us act with care. Which is why the miniature trains at The Postal Museum have us all in a tizzy. The icing on the cake? You get to ride them during a 15-minute immersive underground experience. Now that’s pretty snazzy! Postal Museum and their underground Mail Rail is a way to get millennials on board with the old school way of the post. Surprisingly, […]

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London’s 10 Best Independent Cinemas

Calling all cinephiles! From those trying to get their fix of cult classics to anyone looking to catch the latest blockbuster: do multiplexes leave you feeling slightly jaded during a movie night? Are you after a venue that cultivates the visceral fulfilment caused by the rolling of...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Bouji Booths, Our Favourite Spots For Booth Eating

Here’s my issue with almost every restaurant… One person gets the comfy cushiony seat, while the other gets a crappy chair. While you’re squirming on bare wood, your guest luxuriates on 10 inches of leather and goose-down. There are two solutions to this, edge slightly ahead of...

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Bars, Clubs & Drinks

Storytelling In A Wigwam (And It’s For Grownups)

When was the last time you listened to a really good story? Not your colleague explaining why she had to sleep in the office last night because she got drunk and forgot her keys. Or your friend making up a dying relative to get out of that long-planned drink. No, I mean a real story. A story that will mesmerise you, that will set your hair on end, that will inspire you and leave you desperate for more. Chances are you were wearing onesie pyjamas and lying in bed aged about four. Maybe it’s time to experience it again (jammies […]

Experiences & Pop-Ups

London’s 10 Weird And Wonderful Museums

We’ve all heard of the Natural History Museum, the Design Museum, the Science Museum, the V&A and… well, you get the picture. When you cast your mind to traditional London museums it’s highly unlikely that the sewing machine one will pop into your head (or maybe it does, who...

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