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Openings & Launches

London’s Indian Fine Dining Scene Welcomes An Emperor

Atul Kochhar is back! The first Indian chef to receive a Michelin star is opening a new restaurant, Kanishka, on Mayfair’s Maddox Street and it’s the most anticipated Indian restaurant opening in a recent string of high profile Indian openings. Kochhar won his Michelin star at Tamarind of Mayfair back in 2001 before moving to open Benares the following year, again bagging himself a Michelin star. Under his watch he established Benares at the very top of the London’s culinary scene, where it firmly remains, before finally leaving, apparently under something of a cloud, earlier in 2018. Perhaps unrelated, Kanishka […]


Why Valentine’s Day Is Weird, Fascinating, And An Opportunity

Valentines day, it’s a weird one. Do you celebrate it if you’re single or hide in front of a rom-com and pretend it’s not happening? 64% of Australians won’t do anything for the day, but those who do go hard. A study showed couples who married in the last five years spent a whopping $253 million on Valentines day in 2017 alone, with men outspending women by $119 more per person. But what if you’ve only been in a relationship for a couple of weeks? What if they say “oh I hate valentines day lets not do anything” but then get […]

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Tickled Pink: The Best Sex Toys To Spice Up Your Valentines

Can you imagine the horror on the postman’s face when he delivered a barrage of vibrating sex toys to our office door? Yep, turns out writing a piece on sex objects comes with the horrifying yet strangely amusing consequence of having dildos pushed through your letter box. Not that we were...

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Health & Wellness

Everything You Need To Know About CBD Oil

The year 2019 has already seen various proliferations where food is concerned; ‘bleeding’ vegan burgers, crossushi and orange wine being just three of many. It’s wholly apparent that we’re moving in a new direction with CBD leading the way. But what exactly is it? Well, aside from being a $1 billion dollar business already, CBD (an abbreviation for cannabidiol) is a cannabis product that won’t get you high, but the “it” drug has gained quite the rep, most notably due to more recent legalisations of marijuana – holla Canada! CBD is found in cannabis, alongside other chemical compounds, and the oil […]

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Like Marie Kondo, But With Vagina Steaming… Gwyneth Paltrow’s Coming To Netflix

If you’re a super-fan of Sliding Doors or you’ve ever put a crystal up your va-jay-jay, then you’re in for a treat. Everyone else, get ready for some serious eye-rolling. They’ve only gone and given Goop its own TV show. Netflix has partnered with Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s nutty health (ish) and lifestyle magazine, to produce a series of 30-minute shows extolling the virtues of Paltrow’s barmy, sometimes outright dangerous, alternative medical ideas. And people are going to get angry. Real angry. Expect to see all the classics. Popular Goop articles include medical advice unlikely to get past the GMC, like […]

Health & Wellness

16 Of London’s Best Comfort Food Restaurants

Life is all about balance, some days you’re going to drink coconut water, go to HIIT and eat healthily. Other days, you’re going to be fuelled on hot chocolate, down coffee like it’s going out of fashion, and seek out all of life’s most comforting comfort foods. That’s the beauty of life, and when you’re having one of those days, try one of these restaurants:

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Where To Eat Out In… Chelsea

Chelsea, either one of London’s smartest addresses, or a slightly naff women’s name: you decide. But when it comes to dining out, there’s no shortage of fantastic eateries, from Sloane Square to the kink in the King’s Road down by World’s End, there’s always an...

Experiences & Pop-Ups

ALL The February Pop-Ups

January’s over (thank goodness), and now we think it’s time for some well deserved fun! So, without further ado, we’re inviting you to enjoy a range of pop-ups that’ll have you drinking away dry Jan, eating away your New Year’s resolutions and then fitting in the odd...

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There’s Nothing Tame About Wild Food Cafe’s Menu

A few crumpets away from committing carbicide, I was in desperate need of some vegetables. Enter Wild Food Cafe and their impressive plant-based menu.

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