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The Cat’s Out The Bag…

The internet’s gone into meltdown. What’s going on with Gordon Ramsay’s latest headshot? Twitter is abuzz with speculation; is it simply the light? Is he actually a superhero? Perhaps he’s a ‘furry’? Given the angriest man in Scotland’s propensity for f-word laden borderline workplace bullying (‘Are you a idiot sandwich?’), our personal theory is that the chef is actually a werwolf. But he’s keeping it on the downlow in case the council’s hygiene unit close him down. Something's coming… — Gordon Ramsay (@GordonRamsay) January 31, 2019 But it turns out that none of us was right, he’s actually touting […]

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Recreate This Raw Spicy Thai Green Papaya Salad

It’s a little chilly outside, the sun isn’t pushing through the clouds and woolly jumpers have become a constant in our lives. Yet this doesn’t mean we can’t invest our time in creating light and healthy dishes more associated with hotter climes. This raw spicy that green papaya salad comes as a result of writer and yogi, Julie Montagu’s, trip to Amatara Wellness Resort in Thailand. The salad itself contains an abundance of ingredients that pack a healthy punch, and the pumpkin seed garnish gives it an extra nutritious boost! Also, if spicy isn’t really your thing then you can always make this […]

Health & Wellness

8 Ways To Help The Homeless This Winter

For most of us winter is a bit of a roller coaster, you have all the excitement in the run up to Christmas, all the presents, the partying and the time spent with your family. Then you’re hit with a couple of months of dropping temperatures, the January blues and our bank balances looking low. Now imagine what that would be like when you’re homeless. No presents, no bank balance at all and if we’re feeling the cold that then that’ll be nothing in comparison to life on the streets. It all takes its toll on their physical, emotional and […]

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Apps-olutely Amazing London Hacks

*Push notification* “Screen Time: You averaged an unspeakable amount of screen time last week.” Not this again, another week and another despondent inducing notification that pops up on your phone like an intervention held at an open bar. But fear not this is your guide to maximizing that...

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Openings & Launches

The 12 Snazziest Openings This January

Another year, another dollar. Or at least it will be for these sublime new resto offerings throwing their doors open at the same time as we throw away dry January for another year. Yes, it’s 2019, and it’s time to create new food trends, new menus and new must-eats, and helping us to do...

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Fashion & Beauty

Sustainable Strutting At London’s Most Ethical Fashion Week

London Fashion Week; it’s the week we wait for with #outfitgoals organised, Instagram stories up and elbows at the ready to charge past queues of equally excitable Givenchy, Fendi and McCartney fiends. But what about the lesser known designers who are itching for that Coco Chanel type shot at having their curated wardrobes witnessed by the masses? Introducing Independent London Fashion Week Designers (ILFWDA), the crème de la crème of grass roots fashion and creative expertise. ILFWDA showcase lesser known talent, promoting those who have to shy away from astronomical corporate fees, heralding fashion exclusivity, quality fabrics and handcrafted intricacy. Fashion […]

Bars, Clubs & Drinks

Super Superbowl Spots: Where To Watch The 53rd Super Bowl In London

It’s that time of year when people become irrationally obsessed by a sport which is utterly inpenetrable, and not least to them. If you thought learning the offside rule of proper football, which is somehow a way for us non-sporty types to prove that we at least have a modicum of insight, was...

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10 Reasons Why It’s All About Barbados This Winter

Every job has its drawbacks, I once worked on a garlic farm and wafted a 20 yard garlicky exclusion-zone everywhere I went, putting off girls and vampires in equal measure. Another student job saw me hand-wrapping chocolates for an upmarket chocolatier, a role that saw me outgrow every pair of trousers I owned and very nearly gave me diabetes. As Travel Editor at The Handbook I now find myself lumped with the unenviable task of having to jump on a plane to the Caribbean island of Barbados to review 5 star hotels and some of the most luxurious restaurants on […]

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Wok Could Be Better Than Chinese New Year In London?

Oink Oink! It’s the year of the pig! Chinese New Year is almost upon us, starting on 5th February, and of course all our favourite Chinese restaurants are gearing up. So here are the best places to stuff your snout this Chinese New Year.

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7 Reasons To Visit Australia’s Sunshine Coast

Straya! The land of kangaroos, unwavering sunshine, beaches made of gold, shrimps being thrown on barbies, and accents like ours but just slightly cooler. To escape the humdrum of a cold and wet England over the Christmas period I jetted off to Australia’s Sunshine Coast; a place that resembles what we think of when we conjure up pictures of Paradise. December saw temperatures soaring up to 30°C and saw me donning the sunnies, an itsy-bitsy yellow polka dot number and posting photos in their bucketloads to make all my shivering Engish pals “well jel.” It also saw me uncovering a […]

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