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7 Of The Most Sustainable Restaurants

My diet may not be sustainable (I had thirds of pudding yesterday!), but it sure as well can be sustainable. Sustainability flies in the face of much of the food industry’s direction of travel; seasonability is merely a notion where all food stuff is a short flight or a refrigerated container...

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5 Reasons You Need To Get Tickets To Secret Cinema

In the world of immersive cinemas, Secret Cinema is top dog. If you’ve been then you’ll know why, if you haven’t been then now is the time to get in the know. Why? Because they have just released more tickets to their latest event, which is all centred around the daring world of espionage and the film, Casino Royale. So much more than just a screening of a James Bond classic, we have rounded up the top 5 reasons we love Secret Cinema and why you should too. The Build Up The event doesn’t just start when you get to […]


We Review: Lucy Watson’s Restaurant Tell Your Friends

What: Remember Lucy Watson from Made in Chelsea? The former reality star with a Marmite personality is a passionate vegan and foodie who has written her own vegan cookbooks and owns a popular restaurant with her sister, fellow vegan and former MIC star, Tiffany Watson. New? Tell Your Friends opened in May 2018, which seemed like a natural progression for Lucy after her successful cookbooks, and whose father is the executive chairman of the successful City Pub Company. Where? For a show called Made in “Chelsea” you’d be surprised at how much of the filming takes place in the surrounding […]

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Storytelling In A Wigwam (And It’s For Grownups)

When was the last time you listened to a really good story? Not your colleague explaining why she had to sleep in the office last night because she got drunk and forgot her keys. Or your friend making up a dying relative to get out of that long-planned drink. No, I mean a real story. A story that will mesmerise you, that will set your hair on end, that will inspire you and leave you desperate for more. Chances are you were wearing onesie pyjamas and lying in bed aged about four. Maybe it’s time to experience it again (jammies […]

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

London’s 10 Weird And Wonderful Museums

We’ve all heard of the Natural History Museum, the Design Museum, the Science Museum, the V&A and… well, you get the picture. When you cast your mind to traditional London museums it’s highly unlikely that the sewing machine one will pop into your head (or maybe it does, who...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Secret Cinema Presents Casino Royale: Tickets Are Back On Sale

When it comes to immersive cinema, there’s one group that’s leading the way: Secret Cinema, the production team that take iconic films and brings them to life through spectacular experiences and they’ve just announced their next film: Casino Royale. Following on from their biggest show yet, which saw London transformed into LA for Romeo + Juliet over the summer, the team will be taking on the classic (and one of the most successful) British film franchises and recreating the world of the smooth-talking charmer, the legendary spy James Bond. Once more taking over a secret location the event, which runs […]

Openings & Launches

The Hot New Opening On Brick Lane

Who’s heard of the Culpeper? The venue named after Spitalfields local, oh and astrologer, Nicholas Culpeper, and a mighty fine joint for a post-work pint! Now, the famed location has spread its hospitality wings to give us The Buxton, a quirky Brick Lane pub with personality, a fine amount of wood and brass! Whilst we don’t know a great deal about the venue just yet, (as it’s set to open in the spring), but what we do know is that it’s a pub that’ll be kitted out. Championing earthy tones, the part-pub part-hotel set up will see a whole lot of Portland […]

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Health & Wellness

6 Dog-Friendly Gyms

Going to the gym is an everyday event, like brushing your teeth, PPI calls or missing your bus and arriving into work late. And who wouldn’t want to share those things with their dog? Maybe using a different toothbrush. Dogs are increasingly acceptable pretty much everywhere, dog-friendly...

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

10 Of The Best BYOB Restaurants In Town

BYOB: the first rule of barbecues and dinner parties, but a restaurant no-no. Most respectable establishments will slap a whopping corkage fee at the very sniff of a smuggled Jacob’s Creek. And for good reason, restaurants benefit from a pretty sizeable mark-up from their wine lists and, they’d add, you also benefit from the experience of a sommelier and the wine list they’ve carefully assembled without the contamination of  Jacob, or his creek… But once in a while restaurants come along that let you B your own B and suddenly you’ve the chance to either bring along something truly special […]

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

The High Vaultage Festival Coming To Waterloo

It might not be Summer festival time just yet, but it is time for VAULT Festival 2019. The arts and entertainment extravaganza is London’s biggest, spreading its creative wings across Waterloo from January the 23rd until March 17th. If seven really is a lucky number then this is set to be a good year for VAULT as it celebrates its seventh year as a crazy, creative and eclectic must-visit fest. Somewhat akin to Edinburgh’s Fringe (but perhaps a little smaller and less Scottish), VAULT presents 400+ shows from more than 2,000 artists set underground. So what do we know? Well, […]

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